Saturday, June 09, 2012

I was watching a commercial for the The Grey and I came to one of those movie fan realizations: Liam Neeson constantly tells people what to do in his movies. He tells people how to walk, talk, eat, sleep, run, and anything else that comes to mind. Batman, Obi Wan Kenobi and even Mallory Keaton have been ordered about by the master of mentors. Neeson just has that cool commanding presence that has made him seem more physically imposing as he's gotten older. Like a pro wrestler, a big part of his game is trash talk. It's not that he's gonna hit you, but how he describes how he's gonna hit you that has an impact. Most action stars hit big in their 20s, Neeson I considered more of a dramatic actor early in his career so it's trippy how he's become an in demand movie hero laying the smackdown on bad guys all over the silver screen. So much so that someone on you tube named Dogfoodfilms has put together this cool R rated montage of Liam Neeson awesomeness: