Sunday, February 15, 2009

Midnight Madness - The Rain

We've had a drought the past few months which has been a bummer (although it's made driving this time of year easier). This weekend the rain finally came, much needed rain, to California. It's supposed to rain into next week, hopefully it will help us get back on track. Our state is already out of money, it would be nice if we didn't have to sit through water rationing too (which some parts of the state already started on). We have some minor leaks on the back porch which sucks, but other than that we need water. So let it rain!

Disturbia - The more info that comes out about the Rihanna and Chris Brown episode, the worse it gets. I would say Brown is done professionally in the court of public opinion if it wasn't for posts I've seen on the net blaming Rihanna for pissing him off. Huh? Really?

You've got to have Faith, Faith, Faith - Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood have announced a US tour. May I suggest the Can't Find My Way Home tour as their tour name?

Sand Castles - Following their Grammy victory, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have announced plans for a second CD. Grammy hogs!

When Love Comes to Town - U2 will be kicking off the release of their new album No Line on the Horizon by appearing throughout the week of March 2nd on The Late Show with David Letterman.

What's My Age Again? - Blink 182 are getting back together. I'm now so old that bands who peaked in the late 90's are breaking up and then reforming. Oh Elizabeth, I'm coming to see you Elizabeth, this is the big one!

Human Rights Now! - Peter Gabriel has refused to play at the Academy Awards because he does not want to play his song "Down to Earth" as part of a medley. He would only get about a minute, it's understandable why Gabriel would not want to waste his time playing 60 seconds it just seems funny compared to the stuff he usually protests.

Ticketmaster and Live Nation merge - great, now we'll probably incur a service fee for their service fees.

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore engage - it really pays to be a sad guy Alt rocker these days when it comes to marrying actresses.

Watch Me Shine - This season's American Idol contestant Joanna Pacitti kept crying every chance she got to the point she was like "The Crying Girl" part 2. Now she really has a reason to cry as she was DQ'd from the show due to having personal and professional links with the show's execs. I'd defend her but I didn't think her performances were particuarly strong anyway, particularly with the amount of professional experience she's had.

TV Roundup - catching up with the TV Shows I've been following:
  • Flight of the Conchords - The second season so far has continued with their silly antics, they still amuse but are not as sharp as the first season. There's been more focus on the supporting characters which is nice, the songs are pretty good just not up to the level of last year.

  • Chuck - My favorite show right now returned with an OK episode in 3D. The end of the episode where Chuck gets over the mid season break cliff hanger in less than 30 seconds of seeing his beloved agent Sarah kill an unarmed man was jarring and unconvincing.

  • American Idol - The giant shows signs of life as their old school approach begins to pay dividends. Their focus on the contestants personalities and building characters is working and they seemed to look for actual talent this year (which I'll credit to new judge Kara whose presence helps wake the others up). When you start to cringe every time that insanely self centered giggly girl shows up you know something is clicking.

  • Terminator - Coming off the first half of a sluggish season 2, the Terminator gang kicks it into high gear for the second half with a strong episode. Can they keep it up?
Perfect - A recent comment from lostinube caused me to look up some old wrestling and I stumbled across this match between the late grapplers Kerry Von Erich and Curt Hennig for the Intercontinental Belt in 1990. The timing in this match is dead on, when modern wrestlers
went back to this mat based style a few years ago it shows how sloppy they were in comparison.

The Texas Tornado vs Mr Perfect


Jeannie said...

Oh my goodness- I saw that match. So sad to think both of these wrestlers have now passed on. Hey, do you recognize the commentators? I'll tell you one of them is Rowdy Roddy Piper (it was nice to see him on t.v. last week).

I think you've hooked me on "Flight On The Conchords." It's a little kooky, but I like the show.

Jeannie said...

P.S. Don't I do a good Ted DiBiase imitation?

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Big post, Mr. Mike. I have to have the comment box up as I read so I can comment accurately:

There is never any reason to physically harm another person. Which leads to the question that I, as a sensitive carnevour, wrestle with: what is my justification for eating meat? Isn't that harming a living being? But dang! I do love my chicken and seafood and steak. And aren't veggies "alive"? Nevermind...

EC and SW on tour? I'll pay to see that show. Wow.

RP and AK? No thanks. Not gonna spend my money here.

Thanks for the heads up on U2. I'll be sure to set a reminder for those shows.

Blink 182? Remind me... what songs did they do?

Yeh, funny. But he does have a point. This whole thing with the awards shows is just silly. Move em in and move em out. It's like trying to eat supper at the local buffet on a Sunday afternoon after church lets out. They try to move them in and out at breakneck pace. The shows are not enhanced by having such a large number of acts. They should be going for quality not quantity. I mean, isn't that what they are doing? Awarding artists for the quality of their work?

I did once get a good deal from ticketmaster, $13.80 for Buddy Guy and Santana. General seating, but hey! It was a great show. I don't know about this other outfit. Don't go to concerts anymore. :(

I don't know who he is. I think I have heard her name before. What does she do?

Sorry, don't do AI.

Sorry, haven't watched any of those shows. I know... I'm not real hip and up on things. Sorry.

OMG! Bobby "The Brain" Heenan! I HATED that dude. Man! Now this is almost back to my age of being a wrestling fan. Thank you so much! Texas Tornado rocks! And always will. No one did fringed boots like he did. Where can I get a pair like that?

What an entertaining post, Mr. Mike. I love this one!

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Bunny, you do a great Ted DiBiase. I'm glad you like the Flight of the Conchords, it was funny the same day I wrote they were just OK this year they came up with a brilliant episode.

Hi SKW! Blink 182 is best known for "All The Small Things" and had about eight other hit songs or so. Their drummer recently survived a plane that crashed during take off.

Buddy Guy and Santana? Sounds like a great show, particularly for the price!

Ryan Adams is an Alt Country Rocker who is pretty good, his biggest hit was "New York" in 2001. Mandy Moore started as a Britney clone during the teen pop boom and then moved to acting, starring in films like A Walk To Remember. She currently does a mix of movies and music with medium level success in both.

Nice metaphor for the awards shows. Which reminds me, the Academy Awards is this Sunday. Though the nominee list looks like a snoozer.

Jeannie likes Bobby the Brain a lot too!

lostinube said...

Great wrestling clip. Not a technically brilliant match but they did the ending so well that they got the best possible result: stunned and shocked little children who can't believe their hero lost.

Not that McMahon would have acknowledged it at the time but it was also a match-up of two former world champions.

And the other announcer was the Honky Tonk Man, Wayne Ferris!

Mr. Mike said...

If anyone knows something about the Intercontinental belt, it's the Honky Tonk Man! Von Erich had impressive mobility for a man with one foot. The look on those kids faces at the end of the match was priceless.