Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Midnight Madness - Glambert Edition

I haven't done one of these types of posts in a while, seems like there is a lot happening out there in entertainment that's sorta random so I need a touch, a touch of madness!

No Boundaries - Adam Lambert aka Glambert got lots of people upset with his American Music Award performance, vamping it up like Prince on an ecstasy fueled rave binge to the tune of his new song "For Your Entertainment". Lambert made out with guys, shoved another guy in his crotch face first (you know what that means) and dragged a girl on the floor like carry on luggage. Me, I just think its too bad that this was all that was memorable about the performance - his singing was off and the song just plain sucks. Lambert has a phenomenal voice, but with a clunker of a tune like "For Your Entertainment" the whole thing seemed like one of those "adults only" Vegas shows where the provcative parts are the whole point. Kid, if you're gonna pull a Prince you gotta have the funk to back that smack up.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine - The film 2012 has made bank at the box office and has people believing its more a documentary than fiction. A week ago my water line broke, the guy sent out to fix it started talking to me about how the Mayan calendar says we're all gonna die at 2012, like this stuff is real! He was dead serious. Somehow I always knew John Cusack would be the harbringer of doom. Have you seen Serendipity?

Need Credits? - I'm digging the NBC show Community set in a community college somewhere. It's a funny show with clever writing and quirky characters. Good stuff!

Face Lift - The reoccuring rumors of a Faces reunion drags on with members of the group now suggesting they will reform without Rod Stewart. Seems Stewart won't commit to the union leaving the others restless and looking into possibilities with Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall. If Rod doesn't know them by now, he may never never know them.

Hello Cleveland! - The Boss recently experienced every major rock stars worst nightmare, he shouted out the wrong city name! During a concert he called out to his fans in Ohio although he was in Michigan.

Not Chucked - Tv advertisements for the new season of Chuck is finally starting, promising a January return to action. Just bring it!

The Big O - Oprah has announced an end to her long running daytime talk show, ending in about a year or so from now. No Oprah don't do it! I don't want to see the desperate attempts to capture your large existing audience with weak carbon copies of the original, daytime tv is crowded enough already. Meanwhile, Jenny Jones sits in a dark corner with her hands clasped together and hisses "So...it begins..." followed by maniacal laughter.

Suck On This! - I can't get into the current Vampire fad, with its recasting of the ancient movie monsters into teenagers with teen angst problems. At least that's what I've gotten from the advertisements and the rip off tv shows that's arisen it Twilight's wake. I haven't watched any of these shows due to their perceived lack of bite. Oh that's bad. Somebody put a stake in this thing.

Overexposed Movie Of The Week - Ninja Assassin, a CGI Fu movie starring popular Asian actor Rain (well, popular in Asian countries and with my aunt but I digress) apparently being born to be a ninja and whipping out chains with blades on the end or some kinda thing to kill ninjas. 'Cause if you're named Ninja Assassin you damn well better have some ninjas to kill. My impression is your usual kid learns something against his will becomes the best in the world at it yet broods over it because it never made him happy. The tortured killer schtick, "Wah I behead my enemies with almost no thought but I coulda been an accountant or something if I wasn't raised with these frickin' Ninja reflexes." So he maims and kills thousands of martial artists then acts all sad over it. Am I wrong? Maybe, I don't care because I'm not seeing it anyway. CGI induced martial arts is lame (not counting the first Matrix movie.) :p

Lady You Bring Me Up - Country group Lady Antebellum surprised me by dishing out a first class AOR duet called "Need You Now" for their upcoming album. There is still some twang in the voice and steel guitar so it can be labeled Country, though at it's sappy core it's not far off from the pop rock of Starship's "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now". Lady Antebellum's new song is better than anything I heard off their debut, nice tune.

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