Monday, August 02, 2010

Hold On!

As long as I've bought records I've noticed a certain trend in pop/rock songwriting - Everyone has to Hold On! This song title and some various variations on it seems to appear in the songbook of every writer at some point. Why? Is everyone really that desperate? Or in a rush? Let's see who passes and who fails. It's a universal sentiment, to hold on, so hold on, hold on tight, while I periodically post songs that tell you to Hold On in some fashion. Might as well kick it off with the most obvious entry, the three ladies who grew up on harmony vocals amid family disharmony - Wilson Phillps. Won't you hold on? For one more day??


Arsenette said...

I remember seeing them open for Richard Marx ;)

Mr. Mike said...

You saw Wilson Phillips and Richard "Hold On To The Nights" Marx? Awesome!

Arsenette said...

Yeah can't think of a trifecta but hey having double at the same time wasn't bad :p Can't remember the year though..