Thursday, December 15, 2011

Famous Amos

It's been a looong time where I have gotten totally hooked on an artist, but a few months ago it happened. I decided to check out some Amos Lee, I had heard one song on a sampler a few years back ("Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight") and liked it. Then this year Itunes gave away free tracks off the Mission Bell album every few weeks so before I knew it I had amassed a decent selection of Lee. I gave these songs more play and thought he was really good. Got that awesome raspy yet smooth soul voice while laying out tasteful folk pop. Mission Bell became a regular in my car cd player rotation and I thought it was hella dope.

Amos Lee has a cool tone to his music, it has a feeling of weariness mixed with a searching sentimentality. Here's a few of my favorite tracks of his I've been listening to:

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