Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Rundown 10/3/12

I can't figure out the new blogger system so all the items ran together into one paragraph. Pretty annoying. Ruh roh Shaggy, it's been a month. What's new? Moneyball - being an Oakland A's fan for the past four years or so, the movie Moneyball confirmed a lot of what I expected about the franchise. The low budget roster, the taking of a lot of pitches at the plate, the constant wheeling dealing all made contextual sense after watching this. The film itself was good stuff, watching Brad Pitt and Phillip Seymour Hoffman needle each other as interoffice opponents was particularly fun. It gets a lot of good dramatic tension out of something that should be mind numbingly boring. And hey, the A's won their Division today! Let's Go Oak-Land (clap, clap, clapclapclap)!!! The Real Housewives Of Rambo - In a reality tv show classic moment, two New Jersey housewives who are related to each other (Teresa Giudice and Kathy something)go at it to the point they start insulting each other's parents. Teresa then unwittingly pisses off who I assume is Kathy's sister by insulting their dead father. The sister heads for Teresa unleashing a barrage of death threats while Teresa sits in shock and Kathy goes all Colonel Trautman (Trautman was Richard Crenna's character in the Rambo movies, the guy who did all of Rambo's trash talk for him) letting Teresa know a beat down is coming. Kathy's condescending look and "you know who it is" comment to Teresa while the sister rages on was just so Rambo to me. For fun, thought I would compare Kathy's demeanor from the Real Housewives scene with a scene from Rambo First Blood The Real Housewives Link is here The Rambo Trautman speech is here I'm Tired - The latest song to follow me around is one from Adele's first album, called "Tired". I've heard it twice this week in different places. It's a good song, and with news that Adele will be singing the new James Bond theme I'm sure I'll be going on an Adele kick. The fall seasons begins...I guess - A lot of my favorite comedy shows have started off their new seasons the past two weeks, but most of them are a little flat. How I Met Your Mother hasn't been very funny the last two episodes, they seem to be out of stuff to do. Tosh.0 also is a bit lackluster, missing some of that snarky zing from better times. The premiere of Key and Peele had some funny spots but overall did not rival anything from season 1. Big Bang Theory is getting lost in girl friend relationships and is quickly losing it's geek mojo. At least New Girl has remained consistently amusing so far. Billy Corgan, right on - speaking of mojo, I listened to the recent Smashing Pumpkins disc Oceania and I liked it a lot. Despite being the only original Pumpkin left, Corgan has succeeded in resurrecting his 90s alt rock juggernaut with a strong album. Probably the best Smashing Pumpkins album since Mellon Collie.

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