Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it Prom Night for Molly Ringwald?

The Killers go crazy for Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald.

The Killers have released their new single "Human" from their forthcoming release Day & Age. A few years ago, The Killers hit the scene with a wave of other bands reviving the Big 80's New Wave sound for a generation of kids who saw The Breakfast Club every weekend on TV. Singles like "All These Things That I've Done" and "Mr. Brightside" made a huge impact on the music listening public. But ego and...more ego led to the bloated and self important follow up "When We Were Young" which was OK but caused me to lose interest quickly. Now they're back to the funner, poppier sound of their debut record on this single. "Human" (not to be confused with the Human League "Human") would have fit perfectly running over the credits of a John Hughes movie, flame haired Molly Ringwald beaming at the camera in her homemade clothes as she beats the "richies" or whatever the supposed class warfare she was engaged in during those flicks. While I can't say this is the best Killers song I've heard, I like the heavy synths, percolating beat and O.M.D. worthy vocal. It's pretty good and I deem it Farmer Ted worthy. I'm only Human, of flesh and blood, I'm made.

The Killers "Human"


Jeannie said...

As you know, I really enjoy, "All These Things That I've Done". That's a fantastic song.

This new song is very pleasant. It reminds me of a cross between New Order and U2.

Mr. Mike said...

New Order, that hits the nail on the head!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh My God! That is the most 80's thing I've heard since... well, the eighties. I swear, I think I just felt a zit pop up. Thanks Mr. Mike for that little timewarp trip to the 10th grade. (have I ever mentioned to you how much I HATED school?) Just kidding. Nice post, as always.

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks SKW! I hated school too, one of the happiest days in my life was the end of high school. If it wasn't for music and movies, I probably would have gone insane. Iff itk asnt four msick nd moouvees ey wuld hve ghone insain.