Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long Road to Where?

If you talk about doom n' gloom long enough you'll eventually be right: Don Henley and co. describe the end of the good times. In detail. For ten freakin' minutes.

I was driving my car to work when The Eagles CD I loaded up played the title track from last year's album Long Road out of Eden. The song, a downbeat and wary ten minute epic, fit my mood perfectly as I made my way through traffic. I try not to dwell on depressing topics, it's not my usual style (I think anyway) and as much as I enjoy Don Henley's music he writes 20 cynical songs for every happy one. The last time I got into a Don Henley song was "They're Not Here, They're Not Coming" from the Inside Job album which was a while ago. But 2008 has had some setbacks for us and watching the economic crisis unfold doesn't help. And I can't deny the mood of the track with it's slow, pensively building verse and stark, piercing guitarwork from Joe Walsh describes how I feel. While I believe our fortunes will turn around eventually I think I'll wallow in some Don Henley soup. That actually sounds gross, what I mean to say is that while things will get better here's a song for right now. Okay, self pity party is over-time to get back on track! I'll commemorate this moment with this song, an unexpected treat from a year old album.

The Eagles "Long Road out of Eden"


Jeannie said...

"I try not to dwell on depressing topics, it's not my usual style (I think anyway)..."

No, you're a pretty upbeat person, honey.

"I think I'll wallow in some Don Henley soup."

Yeah, that does sound gross. You don't mind if I don't jump in with you, right? Yuk!

P.S. I thought that the album was just so-so. No one particular song stood out for me.

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks Bunny! Love da Bunny.

Jeannie said...

Love da Poo. That sounds gross too, but I'll be glad to do that.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Could you guys cut the overwhelmingly cute "love" stuff for a minute? :) Just kidding. Just kidding. I love the way you guys are so sweet to one another. Its actually quite inspiring.

I love Joe Walsh. He's great. I used to love Don Henley. Not so much, anymore. He's just got too much of that "after the apocalypse" feeling to his stuff anymore.

Mr. Mike said...

Joe Walsh is great and I like his soloing on this track. Don Henley is curmudgeonly so I was surprised this song resonated with me, its the most I've been into a Henley song in a looonnnngg time.