Monday, March 01, 2010

RIP T Bone Wolk

Another passing of an entertainer who was a mainstay of my 80s entertainment life, bassist / producer T Bone Wolk died on Saturday from a heart attack. Wolk was a distinctive player and a key performer during Hall & Oates chart domination. His ability to keep a groove that moved while visually wobbling around made him an asset both in the H&O sound and the videos. Later, he and fellow H&O sideman G.E. Smith were the basis of the Saturday Night Live house band. Wolk wasn't a house hold name, but he definitely left his mark. Who could forget the bass line to "Maneater"?


Arsenette said...

Wow seriously? That's so sad :( Geez. he was younger than my Mom.. that's.. scary.

Mr. Mike said...

Yeah, I was really surprised when I saw this story :(