Monday, March 29, 2010

Giants Under The Sun

Quick, get me some Arena Rock on the radio before someone drowns!

Today's KRQR moment is brought to you by the fine website Melodic Rock, an online destination that has served old AOR fans like me since the 90's. Two bands have gotten a slight promotional push through this site and have songs I like plus another song I'm into right now, so those are the three clips for today.

First up is Giant aka that band that had that one hit ("I'll See You In My Dreams") before Kurt Cobain wiped them off the map. In one of those standard band reformations that plague classic rock groups, the rhythm section has banded together minus their key player (in this case guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dann Huff) to lay claim to an established name. Such as it is, because if you don't own say Monster Power Ballads Volume Whatever, you probably have no clue who Giant is. Or if you're at the other extreme, you may know exactly who Giant is and have to get used to Terry Brock in place of Huff which isn't a bad trade per se. Either way can be a win or lose situation, in the end what it comes down to is the music. This song "Promise Land" is totally stuck in my head, with a nice girl on a beach themed clip. The combo of the pretty girl and streamlined AOR has me flashing back to early Baywatch when they would play an anonymous song while showing women running in slo mo. When I hear Brock go on about breaking barracades or taking things day by day or what have you, I am so totally ready to rescue a bathing beauty from drowning.

The group that is on Melodic Rock's main page right now is Serpentine, a band that quite frankly I know nothing about other than what's posted on that screen. The video is interesting, keyboard heavy arena rock with a lead singer that looks like Kid Rock. "Whatever Heartache" has an incredibly Steve Perry-esque vocal on it, which I am always a sucker for. Oh, and Sarah Silverman can bite me for talkin' trash about "The Voice".

Last up is a song I'm hooked on from W.E.T.'s album that I reviewed not too long ago. "If I Fall" is pure AOR glory, even if the chorus does slightly remind me of Journey's "Signs Of Life" from Arrival.

And that's it, the motherlode of modern arena rock. Thank you, Melodic Rock, for always providing the most up to date info on the bands that are important to me. Keep the fire burnin!

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