Saturday, May 28, 2011

That New Car Smell


The Cars is one of those bands where I didn't realize how much I missed them until they released new music. The original unit split somewhere around 1988 with leader Ric Ocasek moving into producing and swearing off reunion offers. Now Ocasek and the original band (sans the late bassist/vocalist Ben Orr) have reformed and released a new disc Move Like This.

All the things you remember about The Cars are in place: Ocasek's quavery singing, New Wave synths flashing here or there, synthetic hand claps, jerky beats, and a refreshing sense of energy. The songs are new with hooky melodies that recall past glories (such as the "Drive" like "Soon") yet come across as fully realized in their own right. The surging mid album double play of "Sad Song" and "Free" is as good as it gets for new music to an old guy.

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