Saturday, May 07, 2011

Too Much Salt Intake


Angelina Joilie - Jolie? I think it's Jolie, I'm going with that. She once again plays a woman with identity issues in the movie Salt. The set up: CIA agent Evelyn Salt is accused of being a Russian double agent raised from childhood to be an assassin. She is here to kill the Russian President. The CIA immediately turns on her and Salt finds herself on the run. Is she a double agent or a victim of some spy plot? Can she rescue her missing husband? And just how big are Jolie's lips?

The director Phillip Noyce I remember from Patriot Games, the sorta Jack Ryan sequel that Harrison Ford starred in. Patriot Games was one of my favorite action movies of the 90s, a good mix of personal and political drama and slam bang action. Salt reminded me a bit of Patriot Games in it's slick energized feel and the adrenalized action is pretty kickin. I also liked how the movie gets a little uncomfortable in the middle section, keeping me guessing which way Salt was gonna go.

To bad the ending was lame, the last half hour had me going "huh?". It took me out of the movie and cut my score for it in half. And then the final scene sealed the deal by going another step wayyy to far by hinting at a sequel. Please pass on the Salt.


Jeannie said...

Not a problem. I will definitely not watch this movie.

P.S. "Too bad", honey. You forgot an "o". Guess you were just so thrown off from this bad movie! :)

Mr. Mike said...