Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Knight And Day You're Not The One


On How I Met Your Mother there is an episode where a character has her past work ridiculed by co-workers at her current job. Her friend advises her to "steer into the storm", in other words be the first to make jokes at her own expense. It's this type of thinking that I believe is behind Tom Cruise's decision to star in the fluffy Knight And Day movie. Everyone say's you're crazy? Play a character that other characters consider to be nuts.

The trailer promised lightweight spy comedy fun with Tom Cruise playing a nutso government agent gone rogue and Cameron Diaz as the girl next door caught up in the danger. All cast and crew do their best to give life to this run of the mill action rom com, they just fall short. The air of predictability strangles Knight And Day in a vise grip of mediocrity. Winning performances by the two leads isn't enough to keep the momentum going no matter how likeable they are.

Meaning it's no better or worse than the Mel Gibson / Goldie Hawn action rom com Bird On A Wire from years past. If you watch the intriguing trailer and compare it to the finished film, the difference between the two becomes as obvious as...wait for it...night and day!


Jeannie said...

I give every episode of How I Met Your Mother about 4 Dixie dog barks.

Mr. Mike said...

I didn't know you thought that highly of How I Met Your Mother :)