Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Double Shot Time

Time for a double shot of two recent songs made by bands I loved in the 80s.

First up, Whitesnake. I saw them live for the first time a few years back and it was awesome. And just in time, shortly afterwards David Coverdale had to cancel the tour to take care of his voice. Now the lead snake has slithered back to hear the wolf howl on "Love Will Set You Free" from the album Forevermore.

Next, Nor Cal rockers Night Ranger ditch their wanna be alt rock / nu metal ways of their last disc to go back to their Midnight Madness sound. Plus, they've managed to snag a guitarist and keyboardist who play and sorta look like the missing original members(though what I've heard of guitarist Joel Hoekstra's playing is good enough to stand on its own). The result is an effective time travel back to '84 on "Growin Up In California" taken from the upcoming album Somewhere In California.

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