Sunday, July 24, 2011

Midnight Madness - Comic Con Edition

It's On Like Comic Con - the latest nerd mecca is in full effect right now! Maybe someday I too will join the throng of sweaty geeks begging for an autograph from a supporting actor on a cancelled syndicated sci fi show. A man can dream, can't he?

Mr Mike "Likes" This - saw The Social Network on DVD and it was pretty good, an interesting tale of modern greed and cutthroat ruthless business acumen implemented behind probably the biggest online meeting place ever. It's directed by David Fincher so of course everything looks dark and smudgy. Fincher does a good job of keeping the story moving while the actors are convincing throughout - Jesse Eisneberg does a good job of adding an intellectual coldness and social awkwardness to his usual jabber jaw persona. So it's a good flick with a fascinating message - that the people who invented the website that connects so many folks to others don't know how to get along themselves. And that the main archetect of Facebook decided he needed money more than friends. If it wasn't for the very last part at the end I'd rate this as a near classic, as it is The Social Network gets:

Yet More Drama - decided to give Yes' 1980 album Drama aka the first one without Jon Anderson a spin in my car this week. Have thoroughly enjoyed going back to songs like "Machine Messiah", "Does It Really Happen" and "Tempus Fugit".

Fire! Fire! Fire! -
heard the news that Beavis and Butthead are making a comeback. Huh huh, cool.

Out Of Touch -
why is it whenever I am in line at the grocery store I see that Teresa person from the New Jersey Real Housewives show on the cover of In Touch magazine? It feels like she's been on the cover for months, I don't read the mag but like to read the headlines of the gossip rags while waiting to have my Pepsi and chips scanned. Does she have some kind of exclusive contract to be on the cover forever? And I remember one of those headlines saying something about she can't stand all the exposure she gets. Yeah, right.

But I'm An American! - have had fun watching National Geographic's Locked Up Abroad series. Real life stories of westerners who have travelled to foreign lands usually to deal drugs and get arrested. The re-enactments are well produced and potently mixed with the real person's voice over. Most of the stories go - person goes to foreign country, sees opportunity to get rich (usually off drugs / alcohol), makes money / feels invincible dealing, gets arrested and finds out third world prisons / justice systems are no joke. The blind arrogance of these people who likely wouldn't dream of committing similar crimes in their own countries is palpable.

Back To Black
- this weekend the sad, seemingly inevitable close to the Amy Winehouse saga came to be with her passing. Despite her numerous personal issues in life I did enjoy her Back To Black album a lot. Seems fitting to close out with this track from Winehouse's last disc.

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