Friday, July 01, 2011

Rolling Away


Man, I was bummed that Raphael Saadiq's new opus wasn't better than it was. I've been looking forward to this album for a good month or two before it came out. The song "Good Man" is easily my favorite song so far this year, a brilliant combo of retro soul with a hint of modern day hip hop. And the song "Stone Rollin"? Awesome blues groove that any artist would love to lay claim to. Saadiq definitely has good taste, his ability to channel classic R&B passion with sturdy songwriting and present day spirit can generate strong results like 2008's The Way I See It. So it's a shame that beyond the two songs I love the rest of the material on Stone Rollin comes across as impressive yet hollow sonic experiments. Particularly "Go To Hell", "Daydream" and "Over You", those songs are just plain forgettable. The rest goes down easy and have catchy bits but still pass by inconsequentially.

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