Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Rundown 8/21/12

Happy Birthday Honey - A few days ago my wonderful wife had a birthday. So I will dedicate this song to her, a song that has followed me around playing at a few places I went to last week.

And now let's run down the other things to happen in the last ten days -

How much do I tip? - Jiro Dreams Of Sushi is an excellent documentary about a man's lifelong commitment to making kick ass sushi. Mmmm sushi. There's other stuff too about tradition, work ethic, having standards, overfishing of the seas and so on but in the end it's about imbuing sushi on a tv screen with soul. And it works.

Factory Of Funk - Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm With You came out last year and I thought it was solid. The new guitarist doesn't have a big impact on the sound yet doesn't get in the way either. I've enjoyed playing this the past week, groovin on Flea's funky bass lines. Can't get the groove to "Factory Of Faith" out of my head.

Dana is going to talk fast and then SHOUT AT THE END OF THE SENTENCE!!! - Dana on the tv show Hell's Kitchen has found a interview promo pattern that guarantees her tv time. She starts talking fast, builds up speed and then SHOUTS EVERYTHING! And she does it all with a SLEEPY LOOK IN HER EYES!! It's addictively annoying because after a while you FIND YOU ARE DOING THE SAME DAMN THING SHE IS!!! AARGH!!

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Mr Kotta! - When I was a kid I went through a phase where I pretty much wanted to be Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter (this I think was between times when I wanted to be The Fonz or Jimmy Walker). So sad the actor who played this great character Ron Palillo died recently. Also another sad passing is William Windom, the actor who played Commodore Matt Decker from Star Trek.

Premium Rush - enough with the commercials for this movie already. In an age where package delivery men can't even be bothered to deliver something without throwing it around like a shot put, we're supposed to believe a bike messenger will risk his life to protect...he doesn't even know what he's protecting. Not that it will stop him from putting everything on the line as people try to kill him for the package, that package must make it to it's scheduled destination! Where it will be signed for by some anonymous person scribbling an indecipherable signature on a clumsy lcd pad and the delivery guy says "What's your name?" and you say "Mike" and the delivery guy says "Thanks Mark" and leaves. And does it count as six degrees from Kevin Bacon for Quicksilver? And can Premium Rush beat bike dancing to cheesy music?

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Jeannie said...

Sorry I didn't read this until now, hon. I love you very much. Thank you for making my life complete.