Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Rundown 8/31/12

Ugh, I have a cold. So let's do the rundown!

John Mayer Born And Raised - Been listening to this disc, I like it. When I heard he went all 70s country rock I became interested, and even though the sound he evokes is derivative it is still enjoyable. Particularly when he ropes in Graham Nash and David Crosby to do vocals on the title track, it's the best CSN rip since The Thorns on that one.

TAKE A XANAX! CALM DOWWN!!! - just when it seemed like the Real Housewives Of New York had run it's course as fun trash tv, they inject fresh blood with an almost all new cast to provide a heady mix of flash and trash. Now that Ramona Singer has seniority on the show, she feels free to run wild offending everyone in the range of her hyperactive gaze. Thanks to the commercials, I find myself yelling "CALM DOWWWNNN!!!" for no reason. And yes, I just admitted to watching this show.

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas - this movie was mostly a waste of time, except for the few minutes where Neal Patrick Harris shows up. That part was legend - wait for it -dary!

From NPH to EVH... - Van Halen has postponed some tour dates for emergency surgery due to diverticulitis. Certainly wish the guitar god well, but can't help but wonder if anybody said...

Ark II - had some nice flashbacks watching the 70s sci fi show Ark II on dvd. My backpack got jets! Logans Run, Jason Of Star Command, Space Academy, original Battlestar Galactica those shows were tha bomb.

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