Sunday, September 14, 2008

Midnight Madness - Sledgehammer Edition

While looking this old tv show up, it turns out that Sledgehammer co-star Anne Marie Martin (right) married and divorced author Michael Crichton to the tune of 30 million plus. That's a big chunk o' change!

Couldn't help but notice Sledgehammer actor David Rasche got a featured role in the new movie Burn After Reading, bringing back fond memories of the short lived tv show. The Clint Eastwood / Dirty Harry take off was a fun dose of exaggerated action movie and detective show cliche's. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

More Drama? - Yes has announced they've gone the You Tube route to find a singer to fill in for the ailing Jon Anderson. It seems to be done with Anderson's consent and he's been replaced once before (by the immensely talented Trevor Horn), though with mixed results. But it really seems pointless for Yes to do this, since they have not been an active band for a few years and the reason for a 40th anniversary tour is to celebrate the existing group members being together. And while the new singer can copy Anderson's voice well, you just can't duplicate his space hippie Jesus juice persona that is key to a lot of Yes music. Singers in other bands can be replaced successfully if they're better known for a vocal style rather than a distinct personality. Anderson's random lyrics, trippy talk about other dimensions of existence and the ethereal nature of the songs need his mojo to function. Looks like this is a done deal, so I guess all I can say is good luck Yes.

Barracuda: The musical - A week after debunking the RNC for using "Barracuda", Heart hits the press again to announce intentions of recording a concept album. I hope they use this opportunity to expand on the story from the "What About Love" video. We can get to the bottom of why Nancy Wilson had to be poured out of a bronze mold and how come there's not fifty of her if you can do that? And why is Ann Wilson wearing a mask with a lit blowtorch when you're waiting for bronze to cool? And why are the rockers in Victorian garb while sweaty models work in dirty rags? I sense class warfare and alchemy at work. The answers to these questions that have plagued my mind can finally be brought to light!

Riddle me this, Batman - Johnny Depp is either confirmed or not confirmed but definitely heavily rumored to be the Riddler in the next Batman flick. You can always expect the unexpected with Depp so if its true it should be interesting.

WoOoOoOoOoOo! - Retired Wrestler Ric Flair got a black eye from a fight with his daughter and another person. The daughter was arrested for assaulting an officer arriving on the scene (she got tazed). Apparently, Flair's daughter didn't understand that the whole "To be the man, you've got to beat the man" wasn't meant for outside the ring. I find it interesting that this isn't considered elder abuse, Flair is 59 years old.

It's not women's figure skating - Movie critic Roger Ebert was intentionally hit in the leg by another movie critic during a film screening. Ebert had wanted the other critic to stop blocking his view of the screen by leaning out of the seat. Somewhere, Tonya Harding is saying "Good, Good! Let the hate flow through you."

Is there a guitar legend he won't work with? - reports the band Chickenfoot is recording. Made up of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) the group is said to have a Led Zep feel. Following the demise of Planet Us, this news has potential.

Speaking of guitar legends... - also reports that Ywgnie Malmsteen has a new album coming out as well.

?Se Habla Espanol? - I find some humor in the song below called "One Semester of Spanish Love Song". A brief note, you may have to turn up the volume on the You Tube bar at the bottom of the menu because it starts off at zero volume for my computer. It may do the same on yours.

"One Semester of Spanish Love Song"


Jeb said...

I cannot imagine Roddler even being in Nolan's series. He has created a bigger, darker and more brooding series. Having Riddler would just ruin it all.

Too bad that Flair's daughter got tazed, and it should be considered elder abuse.


Mr. Mike said...

It's hard to imagine Riddler being in the series based on Jim Carrey and Frank Gorshin's versions because he always came across a little toothless. But with Nolan directing it's hard for me to write anyone off 'cause he's done a great job so far.

Flair's daughter was tazed but you wouldn't know it from the mug shot, she was all smiles.

The melodicrock site says Yngwie's new album will be out October 14 and is called Perpetual Flame. Ripper Owens and Derek Sherinian are in the band this time around too. And I should probably check my spelling before posting in the future, I totally mangled Malmsteen's name.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Love all of those guys... wonder how well it's gonna turn out and who's gonna throw the first punch???

Never even noticed your mangling of Malmsteen's name until you mentioned it and I went back in your post and checked it out. :)

Rick Flair should be smacked around every day for the rest of his life just on general principles. So... yeah... You Go Girl!!!

I'm so glad you are back Mr. Mike! Your blogs are always so groovy. :) And give my love to the Mrs. Mr. Mike, won't you?

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks for the compliments some kinda wonderful! It's fun to post things, just had a little "life" stuff to take care of and though I have a little more coming up this week I think I'll be able to keep blogging this time around. I will definitely tell Mrs Mr Mike that you send her your love. :)