Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tomorrow is only a Day away...

James Hetfield proves Metallica does have a dental plan. And they have a new album coming too.
With Death Magnetic's release around the corner, Metallica have put out their first video for "The Day That Never Comes". The song is a "grower" to me, meaning I like it a little more each time I hear it. It does owe a debt to previous songs, but at this point that's OK with me. I remember when Metallica was getting all artistic and Lars Ulrich said something to the effect that he didn't want to be a band where every album is the same and just the cover art changes. I thought, "Yes, making everything the same is exactly what I want you to do!" I listen to Metallica to rock, not think about art or save the world (leave that to U2, they're great at it). So now that they're finally returning to what made them awesome to me (the songs I've heard so far are in line with 80's Metallica) I'm not going to complain.

About the music that is. The video was OK (not much of the band in the video) but left me a little confused. Back when "One" was a hit, Metallica got the reputation for being a band of peace loving headbangers. The group didn't feel that tag fit them, so they made "Don't Tread on Me" to say they're not pacifist hippies and like kicking ass. This video seems to fall in between the two sides of war and peace, so now I really don't know what they stand for. Oh well, that's the video still like the song.

Metallica "The Day That Never Comes"


Jeannie said...

" now I really don't know what they stand for."

With all the changes that Metallica has been through in recent years, perhaps they don't know what they stand for anymore either. Maybe getting back to their original sound is their way of making it once again about the music.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Bunny!

I hope so!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Well, everyone is entitled to their mid-life crisis, aren't they? And they are about that age, no? And tell me... what do aging Metallicamen do when the hairline starts to recede?
Seriously, it was kinda weird to see them all going thru their "artsy fartsy" stage or whatever it was they were going thru. Nice to hear them kicking it again. Why can't they just learn from AC/DC? Those guys know what got them where they are and they just keep doing it. Metallica should listen and learn, eh?

Mr. Mike said...

That's exactly what I thought, why can't they be like AC/DC and stick with their sound? Well, it looks like they're back to what made them unique, I just got the new CD and the first song is very "Justice" era.