Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Every voting day I think of this song, even though I have no idea what the song really means or even if it has to do with voting at all. Anyway, just thought I would highlight this song in celebration of today. A nice neon lit flashy 80's distraction on a day destined for a lot of serious issues. As I recently heard somewhere there's no pressure today, we're just selecting the leader of the Free World :)

Arcadia "Election Day"


Arsenette said...

Never heard this song LOL

Jeannie said...

"Pull my shirt off and pray we're coming up on re-election day." What the heck does that supposed to mean? ROFL!

Well, it has been pretty tense lately. Is that what it supposed to mean? I really have no clue. I always thought this song was a bit strange.

Mr. Mike said...

This song was a hit, a Top 10 hit even, but it was mainly because of the momentum of Duran Duran's career. So I didn't hear the song on the radio much myself, but the hook stuck in my head forever.

I can't figure out the meaning of a lot of Duran Duran songs. Like I love The Reflex, I just don't know which reflex he's singing about or why it's a lonely child waiting in the park...or is that dark? Maybe Simon Le Bon will be the Riddler in the next Batman movie!