Sunday, November 16, 2008

Midnight Madness - The Karate Kid Edition

After this movie, all anyone would talk about was how this move wouldn't work in real life. I guess they thought all the other stuff in the movie was incredibly realistic.

One of the great films of the '80's, The Karate Kid (1984), has been a long time favorite flick of mine. Directed by John G Alvidsen, the movie took Rocky and put it in the teen years. When I saw this movie in the theater, the audience erupted as Ralph Macchio crane kicked William Zabka for the championship. Now a new generation is being exposed to the greatness of this classic motivational movie.

Ooh La La - Rumors are going around the media that The Faces are considering a reunion. Hopefully it will happen, my wife is a big fan.

What will happen to Bubbles? - Michael Jackson sold off his theme park home, the Neverland Ranch.

Watcher of the Skies - Genesis is still kicking around the idea of a Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett version reunion. As impressive as it would be to have this version roll out, I wonder how big an audience is out there waiting for it to happen. There are definitely fans out there but while the Gabriel era gets more respect it was the Phil Collins era that sold records.

Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen will debut part of his new song "Working on a Dream" during a Sunday Night Football game tonight. The Boss is on a roll!

In Spite Of His Rage He Is Still Just A Rat In A Cage - the new Smashing Pumpkins tour is said to be dissolving into trash talk between Billy Corgan and the audience. Corgan is always an innovator, searching for new ways to self destruct.

Perfect Crime - The dude who illegally distributed the new Guns N Roses songs pleaded guilty in court. Another guy in court pleading no contest is ex-drummer Steven Adler for possession of heroin. The drug addled Adler hopes to reunite with Guns N Roses in the future. This poor guy gets sadder and sadder by the second.

Joey, Have You Ever Been To A Turkish Prison? - The city of Batman, Turkey is suing the makers of The Dark Knight for usage of the name Batman. Batman's Mayor charges that his city's high crime and suicide rate is caused by, well, Batman. Sooo...apparently Turkey must have just found out about Batman after what 70 years? Decades of comic books, a TV series and six movies just got by them. And they must not have seen or read Batman because otherwise they would know he does the opposite, he fights crime. If this stupid lawsuit works, I'm going to sue that Mikey kid from the Life cereal commercials. Do you know how many times I had to hear "He like's it, hey Mikey!" or "Give it to Mikey, Mikey will eat anything" growing up? Cereal eatin' jerk.

The Stroke - (s), The Strokes are planning to get back together next year. Can they get back that early magic of shambolic indie rock?

Goin' Rogue in Widescreen - What's the deal with these movie commercials being shown in letterbox with the title on the top? Commercials for a lot of movies are doing this now, it's really annoying. The latest in this trend is the commercial for the upcoming Vampire flick Twilight. With the letterboxing going on it draws extra attention to the title and date but makes me less involved with what they're showing. The movie being advertised loses credibility to me because they don't have enough faith that people will watch the commerical to the end to find out what movie it is. Because of this, everytime Twilight's ad comes on and the girl says "I know what you are" and he says "Say it" I say "Someone who needs acting lessons because this scene seems really cheesy." I saw a full screen commercial on You Tube and didn't have that reaction. Bring back the old full screen commercials!

Passings - Author Michael Crichton passed away at the age of 66 after an esteemed career writing books like The Andromeda Strain and Jurrasic Park. The last of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, drummer Mitch Mitchell, passed on as well at age 61.

Wax On, Wax Off - 80's movie classic The Karate Kid is picking up visibility again. First, WWE Wrestler Funaki has repackaged his gimmick to be Kung Fu Naki. Funaki now wears a white gi and headband reminiscent of Ralph Macchio's get up while using the famous Crane Kick for a finishing move. Then Will Smith's son Jaden is said to be lined up for a remake of the film. A missed opportunity here, I think Karate Kid 4 should have Macchio and William Zabka start fighting again as adults. Wait, that sorta happened. See the video below.

No More Kings "Sweep The Leg"


Arsenette said...

Oy.. a new Karate Kid and Turkey does a "holy batman".. LOL Great stuff. Love these digests :D

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks arsenette!