Sunday, November 02, 2008

Midnight Madness - Quantum of Solace edition

Bond on the Beach? Usually doesn't turn out well for Bond if For Your Eyes Only or On Her Majesty's Secret Service serve as reference points.

James Bond returns again with Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. It's just a few weeks away! I can't wait to see what 'ol Jimmy Bond does next. To get ready, I'll probably post about Bond a bit this week.

Disco Fever - Some experts have proven that the beats per minute to the songs "Stayin' Alive" and "Another One Bites The Dust" are the perfect rhythm for CPR. It would be interesting to see either song used for this purpose. IPOD saves lives.

Did They or Didn't They? - Kevin Smith's new film Zack and Miri has been advertised heavily the past two weeks. Depending on the time of day, the title adds the words "Make a Porno". Originally the movie was to be called just Porno. Just pick one title and be done with it!

The Search for Sulu - William Shatner went on a rant about how George Takei didn't invite Shatner to his recent wedding. Takei insists he did invite but Shatner didn't RSVP. In any case, a real opportunity was missed as Shatner would have made a great wedding singer.

Best Week Ever? - One of my favorite shows has had an overhaul and is now hosted by Paul F. Tompkins on VH1. Sometimes he's funny and sometimes not, but just having a host makes it less interesting than the roundtable approach from before. Bummer.

Powerage - AC/DC's exclusive Wal Mart album Black Ice is #1 on the album chart for a second week.

Shared Workbook - In other AC/DC news, they now have a version of their video "Rock and Roll Train" that plays through Microsoft Excel. To download a copy you can click here.

Over the Hill - Fox has decided to cancel the long running animated series King of the Hill. While I'm not a die hard fan, I enjoyed the show as it was an unusual piece that acted like a live action program in every way except execution.

Beat It - The Jackson's are reuniting except for Michael, which translates into "Who cares?". Meanwhile, LL Cool J quit Janet Jackson's troubled tour rumored due to low ticket sales. Careerwise, this is not a good time to be a Jackson. I wonder what happened to Rebbie? Centipede anybody?

Packed like Lemmings - Josiah Leming, the homeless youngster whose talent and ego got him in and out of Hollywood week in a hurry earlier this year on American Idol, has recorded an album. American Idol is reportedly trying to block the release claiming the contestant contract requires Idol producers get the first shot at managing and signing. They really have it in for this guy!

Jennifer Hudson's family - Just want to say what happened to her family is very sad and tragic, truly a horrible thing.

Mini DVD Reviews:

  • Rocky Balboa (2006) - It looks like Sly Stallone is going to keep making Rocky movies until he gets one good enough to end on. Thankfully, he gets it here. Rocky Balboa isn't the best Rocky by a long shot, but it's way better than original series ender Rocky V. Stallone 70's ups his direction for a grainier, soft focus look with a lot of shots that emphasize dilapilated surroundings. Naturally, Rock winds up in a match against the current reigning champ so he can get his face pounded into hamburger again. While Rocky Balboa hits some false notes overplaying Stallone's loveable lunkhead act, there's enough heart left in the flick to create a satisfactory ending. Let's build some hurtin' bombs!

  • Hitman (2007) - The video game comes to life and...looks a lot like a video game. I've never played the video game so I can only relate to this as a movie. Being that the babyfaced Hitman #47 is indestructable there isn't much tension here, just a lot of action sequences. Co-star Olga Kurylenko does well in the hooker with a heart of gold role by bringing sensuality and believability to the table. She should be a good fit for her role in the upcoming Bond film.

  • Solaris (1971) - The Russian Sci Fi classic goes after the big themes - Faith versus Science, mortality vs immortality, is Love an illusion of perception or real. A three hour ride through intellectual darkness. An impressive film.

Halloween addition - While looking at Rolling Stone's website I saw they had a list of horror music videos as well. Their list had one I had forgotten, Tool's "Sober". So here it is!

Tool "Sober"

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