Monday, August 31, 2009

In The Heat Of The Night

Every once in a while I like to poke my head out and see what's happening in music that's new...or at least new to me. This week I'm dedicating to looking at new music either from artists that I haven't heard of before or established artists releasing new stuff. Plus, I get to be a little lazy about posting because I know the topic for a whole week of what I'm gonna write about. A win - win situation.

So, first up is an artist I came across on one of the music samplers that come with PASTE magazine. PASTE has been a great resource for finding great new music in the past, I've gotten into Rilo Kiley, The Bridges, Spoon, Arcade Fire and others through this awesome periodical. While playing a recent sampler, this tune jumped out at me that sounded real old school soul. It was a song by Shemekia Copeland called "Never Going Back To Memphis". Cool jam, reminds me of the sort of thing that shows up on a Quintan Tarantino soundtrack. Whoever plays guitar on this is pretty good too.


Jeannie said...

It's an o.k. song. I like my old school soul to have more soul. I think she could have put more feelings behind the words she sang. The guitar was cool though.

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks for listening Bun Bun! Glad I didn't include this on your mix CD.