Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Feels Like The Third Time

Aw man, they don't let KISS replacement members pick out their own makeup anymore. At least Eric Carr got to be a...was it a fox or something? And Vinnie Vincent had an ankh on his face? At least they didn't have to go out and look like Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. I'm sure any woman would tell you, you wouldn't want to be caught dead in someone else's make up. Was that sexist or what?

Last year when Journey surprised naysayers by having a Platinum release via an exclusive deal through Wal-Mart, other classic rock bands took note. It could be argued that Journey took note of AC/DC, but we all knew AC/DC was going to sell wherever they went. No, Journey set the bar by snapping up a controversial lead singer and selling two cds/1 dvd as a $12.00 set and being successful at it-even with the extra handicap of including a disc of new material.

Two bands seek to repeat Journey's comeback, one being the totally logical choice- Foreigner. Though Mick Jones is now the sole original member, he's spent the last few years touring with a reliable set of musicians including Kelly Hansen (ex-Hurricane) and Jeff Pilson (ex-Dokken). And like Journey their signature vocalist is no where to be found (with Foreigner that is, Lou Gramm released a Christian rock album and played the local state fair earlier this year). In the grand tradition of Foreigner releases there is an awkward album title Can't Slow Down (hoping for some of that Lionel Richie magic twenty years too late) and a bad album cover that looks like the view screen from the original Star Trek series.

But with heaven on their side and Producer Mick Ronson at the boards, Foreigner just may rock it out of the box yet. Their new single is called "When It Comes To Love"

Never one to miss out on a lucrative financial deal, KISS will also jump on the Wal Mart bandwagon too. Sonic Boom is coming and though the original membership is down to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley again, hope is still alive that KISS can still pack 'em in the seats. And if you think AC/DC had things to cross market at Wal-Mart display stands, KISS can pretty much take over the whole store. KISS clothing, KISS toilet paper, KISS coffins, KISS microwave popcorn probably - is there anything they don't market with their brand? Even their personal life is for sale (I have to admit Gene's Family Jewels tv show is an occasional guilty pleasure). For some reason their lead single "Modern Day Delilah" has a guitar riff that reminds me of Pearl Jam's "Animal". Could be just me though.

So get ready for those rollbacks Wal Mart shoppers, because Foreigner and Kiss are gonna rock you like it's 1976 again. Back when you shopped blue light specials at K-Mart instead of Wal Mart, back when Ken Griffey Sr. played baseball instead of Ken Griffey Jr., back when people knew what a bicentennial was. The Spirit of '76 lives on!

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