Thursday, September 03, 2009

Let The Flannel Fly

I was hoping to dig up artists I was less familiar with this week that would catch my ear but so far no luck. But there does seem to be a glut of bands I know pretty well and in 2009 it looks like there's some room for a 90's revival to begin. One of my favorites of the Grunge era, Pearl Jam, has lined up a new album of material to follow up on their excellent self titled disc a few years back. The jury's still out on their first single "The Fixer", I didn't love it the first time I listened but Pearl Jam makes songs that grow on me after a little while. It's been a wild year for PJ, bassist Jeff Ament got mugged outside of the recording studio and the band has set up a deal with Target for the album release. The Target deal has some crying "sell out" to the group that made its name battling big corporations like Ticketmaster (the nickname "Ticketbastard" floated around a lot at that time). While I find the deal out of character for this hyper conscienscious liberal politicking band, I'm not going to judge them because I got bills to pay too. Their upcoming new disc is called Backspacer.

Alice in Chains is also returning sans deceased front man Layne Staley, who sadly OD'd in his angry chair a while back. The guy replacing Staley seems capable though certainly less charismatic. The rest of the band can still do the low sludgy droning thang they do so well, but there was never a question about that. It does remind me of a little story though that I'll call "Man In A Box".

I saw Jerry Cantrell live about ten years ago at the Fillmore, he showed up hecka late for the gig. Once he got there he did play well, maybe a little too well. The crowd was enthusiastic throughout the program while I patiently waited to see if he would play my favorite AIC song, "Them Bones". When the band launched into that mighty opening riff, the Fillmore became unglued. A mosh pit formed all around us and I spent the whole song facing away from the stage so I could block running fools from slamming into us like an offensive guard. I hate mosh pits, if I wanted to tackle people I would do it for free in the street and not somewhere I paid to be. Anyway, that's my ranty Alice in Chains story. No mosh pit for any other song by the way, just the one I was waiting to hear. Their new disc coming up is called Black Gives Way To Blue and the single is "Check My Brain".

Once you're done reliving 1976 at Wal-Mart, just jump on over to Target for a healthy dose of 90's renaissance. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself, you feel me playa? Run Forrest Run! Help, I've fallen and I can't get up. Wassup!


The Rock Brigade Blogger said...

Peal Jam is my favorite band from the ninties. I agree too, many of their songs have a way of going from not being sure about them to loving them, they really do grow on you. Had an opportunity to see them live a few year ago too and they were fantastic. Looking forward to the new album.

Mr. Mike said...

Pearl Jam is an amazing band, that's really cool you got to see them live. The new song already started to grow on me, I liked it more on the second listen.