Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing With Madness

Wolverine pops a claw for Ashley Judd in Someone Like You
While channel surfing I stumbled across one of those dime a dozen Ashley Judd rom coms in this case called Someone Like You. First I stayed on the channel because I thought I saw Wolverine in this movie (turned out I did,'ol muttonchops himself Hugh Jackman) and then I began hearing really good music. I forget what was happening on screen (because what I saw of this movie was not just bad but absolutely wretched) but the music was great. A montage or something took place while this song "It Must Be Love" played loudly. We weren't sure who did this song so I looked it up, turned out to be the British ska band Madness. Also in the movie was an Annie Lennox cover of The Clash's "Train In Vain" that sounded pretty good too. A Van Morrison song appears in it as well. "It Must Be Love" has been stuck in my head since hearing it in this flick. Who said you can't learn something from an Ashley Judd movie?

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