Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Return Of Shred?

Is it cool to play guitar again? I don't mean just pose with a guitar and fake strum while the song plays which has been the norm in music for a while, I mean full on finger flying speed of light over indulgent guitar solos. The guitar has long been the symbol of rock rebellion, however in the past ten years or so it's been used more as a style accessory than an actual instrument. So to see young 'uns actually play something on it is a big shock. This week's free Itunes download is a singer/guitarist named Orianthi whose song is dull but shreds up a storm with her guitar (even classic 80's metal style hands all up on the neck and everything) suggesting maybe people are ready for this lost art to return.

Then I saw the much maligned (but I personally like 'em) Creed release new stuff. Usually Creed makes the same album each time out and though the beginning of "Overcome" fit in that mold it seemed to hit a little harder. Then when they got to the guitar solo the dude tore it up in a way I can't remember happening on any of their previous three albums. Sure you can still ridicule their sub Pearl Jam post grunge religious rock but hey, I like rock music that has the subtlety of a sledgehammer. So hammer away Creed.

Could this be a hint of things to come? Even Richie Sambora had to go back to the recording studio to redo his solo for Bon Jovi's "We Weren't Born To Follow" because people didn't think he was ripping it enough. Will rock fans have a real reason to pump their devil horns in the sky again? It just may happen.

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Isorski said...

Hey Mr Mike - Wow, this chick is unreal on the axe! I don't think the guitar really gels with this pop song but what the hell, I paid attention, right? Anyway, I gave you credit for it but I posted about this over at my blog at http://bit.ly/Amsen.