Monday, October 05, 2009

Walking With The Panther

For a couple of years I've been hearing about and seeing this sort of joke hair metal band on television that currently is called Steel Panther (I think they've had a few names before this one). They've made a name at being a comedy metal band while playing blazing covers of 80's metal classics. Now they've released an album of original material that accurately rocks in the spandex and scissor kicks style while simultaneously poking fun at the shallow excess of the genre. Their humor is crude so other than the "clean" version of the Warrantesque power ballad "Community Property" (which I mean clean in a comparative way) below the rest I'll have to include in links. If you're a fan of old school pop metal and nasty R rated non pc jokes, this is a really funny and entertaining band. And if you love sappy epic power ballads like I do, this song "Community Property" shoots holes through 'em to reveal the true message of these tunes that we all knew but never had spelled out for us. Their album Feel The Steel includes Motley Crueish "Death To All But Metal" and also the "dirty" version of "Community Property" (which is really dirty, but really funny). So put your lighters, I mean cell phones, up in the air and watch out for Riki Rachtman sightings because it's Steel Panther time!


Jeannie said...

I like how the Steel Panther cover looks just like Poison. ROFL!!! At least they still look like dudes. Poison were really too pretty. I think I must have been jealous of them back in the day.

"If suddenly you were a guy, I'd suddenly be gay."

"I'll kiss your mouth even after...."

Wow, I can't post the rest of that!!

"My d*** is a free spirit..."

ROFL!!!!!! Great lyrics!!!

The Rock Brigade Blogger said...

I only discovered this band a few months ago - they are hilarious!!! Watch the video for "There She Blows" with the sound off and for the most part you wouldn't know you were watching a parody band. It would just look like you were watching a typicl 80's hair band.

Mr. Mike said...

Glad you like it Bunny!

Hi RBB, I checked out that "There She Blows" video it was funny. Thanks for the tip!