Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching Up With...Your Oakland Athletics!

Man on the run: Rajai Davis ignites the A's with stolen bases

Baseball season has begun and with it a new year of Oakland A's baseball. Last year, my wife and I became fans of the local team and started attending games. They weren't a very good team (if you think of "good" as translating into more wins than losses) but they were ours.

First Place A's! - Yes the season is only like two weeks old, but the A's are in first place. No significant players have been injured in those two weeks. Rajai Davis and Daric Barton are producing runs. Hope is alive!

It's pronounced Su Skee? Sah Skay? Shawshank? - Ultimate obstacle race program Ninja Warrior released footage of it's most recent tournament, an exciting one which saw many players go to the second round (there's four rounds/courses to beat). I was bummed to see my favorite who is always introduced as "gas station manager Shingo Yamamoto" go down in the third round because of a recurring dislocated shoulder injury (an injury that started years ago when competing in the final round of a prior Ninja Warrior). Controversy abounds when fan favorite Makoto Nagano got an unprecedented do over on round one because of equipment malfunction (this is a show where in previous tournaments equipment malfunctions were considered an additional obstacle to overcome. This included when you're gripping a rolling log and the log rolls off the tracks!). With the do -over, Nagano made it to the final round and came within a second of reclaiming his grand champion title. Brooks was here.

Undercover Lovers - After 3 years of sexual tension, spies Chuck and Sarah finally, uh, slipped each other the secret password on Chuck. They delayed this as long as they could because as anyone on previous shows driven by sexual tension can tell you, the partys over shortly after the lovin' begins (see Moonlighting). My favorite tv show still may have enough tricks up their sleeve to keep things entertaining, but combining this with having Chuck's sidekick Morgan turn from Buy More manager to goof ball spy reeks of "jumping the shark". Having said that, the story arc leading up to Chuck and Sarah connecting in Paris was awesome bro!

Jammin On The One - Musical luminaries Daryl Hall and Beck have formed separate loose knit groups of musicians to jam with on the internet. Hall (usually assisted by the late T Bone Wolk) has jammed with people like Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Todd Rundgren and Diane Birch at his web site Live At Daryls House. Meanwhile, Beck and friends decide to cover an album at a time at Beck's Record Club. Currently, they're covering INXS' classic Kick album. These sites give us music fans the rare chance to be a fly on the wall of these jam sessions we normally read about online or in magazines. Cool stuff.

Send Me Some Pizza Rolls Please! - VH1 News tipped me off to Red Letter Media, a You Tube channel that among other things makes detailed reviews of Star Wars and Star Trek movies. But the reviews aren't just some talking head going on and on, it's done like a video essay acted from the perspective of an elderly homicidal serial killer. The insightful criticism mixed with Saw like impulses and craggy impatience make for demented fun. Included below is part one of the seven part Phantom Menace review.

How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down, Before You Call Him A Man? - I was watching tv and saw footage of Jakob Dylan at SXSW, totally blown away how much he sounds like his old man as he gets older. This song "Nothing But The Whole Wide World" is nice.


Arsenette said...

I was peeved at the Ninja Warrior broadcast (there's a shock).. There have been numerous do-overs from the average Joe all the way up to Nagano (he had one in 18) but G4 had to trump this up to be bigger than it was :p TBS was forced to show it because the day went into night.. and it was abrupt how dark it was when he finally went :p Besides.. it adds "drama".. but this was hardly the first time anyone including him had a do-over in any stage due to a malfunction. That course is riddled with them :p

Mmmm.. pizza rolls...

Mr. Mike said...

You gotta have drama! Good to know about the other do overs though. Poor guy came within less than a second of another total victory (or whatever it may really be called). Did you see the look on that one guys face when the announcer decided to call Nagano "Mr Sasuke" at the end of stage one? I can't remember his real name just that was his nickname, dude looked crushed.

Arsenette said...

Gasp.. you don't know Yamada? LOL j/k I don't like him much either but that caused quite the uproar.. Stupid announcer actually had to apologize to him in Sasuke 24 (though G4 decided to Fast forward that..) since he's now retired. The announcer got reamed by everyone though.. he was just trying to create drama where there was none and people just didn't like it. Aahahahah he wasn't in 25 either which was great!

Yeah it was crushing to see Nagano so dang close to a win again.. a lot of us thought had he not been tired from running the first stage twice he would have won it :p But oh well :)

Mr. Mike said...

Yamada! Yeah, that's his name. It's funny because Jeannie had the same reaction, couldn't believe I forgot his name. Glad the announcer got reamed, you don't take away people's nicknames in professional sports. It would be like referring to another basketball player as Air Jordan.

Arsenette said...

No worries I'm not crushed you didn't know his name :) He's retired now (at least for now.. who knows with him.. LOL) And yes I agree with anyone else being "Air" anything.. That title belongs to Michael.

Btw.. I wrote a longass post on the state of Sasuke if you were bored enough to read.. mental note.. it's .. long.. LOL