Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jimmy Carter's Revenge Part One: The Phantom Menace

I thought 70s retro was done after the 90s? Now it seems back with a vengeance and you know what, I can't complain. If more and more people want to worship at the temple of Angus Young, I'm totally cool with that. 70s retro hard rock without Lenny Kravitz may seem like a dirty phrase and yet I'm digging it down to my bell bottoms. (I just realized I keep acting like 70s retro is a new thing yet do a post about it every couple of months, what's up with that?)

So first up on the Carter Administration revival is a band called The Binges. Decked out in those generic football T shirts that everyone (including me) wore like Tommy on Eight Is Enough, this band made up of two sisters from Japan and two sleazy dudes play with a fire that's rarely seen these days. What's more impressive is the monster grooves they come up with has an authentic feel like it came from the 70s instead of aping it. This band has gotten some buzz thanks to That Metal Show, I found out about them because of the Rock It Out blog I've been following. I'm impressed by this band, definitely gonna check more of them out.

And while this next group, now on their second album, is as straight a rip as you can get off AC/DC without resurrecting the body of Bon Scott it's hard not to enjoy the simple pleasures of Airbourne.

And what the hell, may as well throw in the original...

Of all the concerts I've seen, AC/DC was by far the best show I'd witnessed ever!

One last note, an online well wish to Bret Michaels of Poison who is currently hospitalized and in critical condition. I'm not a huge fan of Poison itself but really enjoy his reality tv appearances.

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