Thursday, May 20, 2010

Experience The Rainbow

This KRQR double shot is a little more fitting for the radio station these posts pay tribute to, both of the following acts were hard rock regulars in the 80s.

The first is a to send more well wishes to the rocker Bret Michaels. Like him or hate him, I can't imagine anyone wishing the string of medical problems he's suffered the past month or so. Admittedly, I'm a bigger fan of Bret Michaels Reality Star more than Bret Michaels rock singer. On tv, Michaels comes across as an amiable sleaze with a strong work ethic and creative drive. And yes, a man whore. Whether he's asking a drunken slut to rock his world or pitching a flurry of ideas at a project manager, Michaels makes for great tv. The music of Poison is a little more hack and less inspired, but even that has its redeeming moments. And one of those redeeming moments is here, the early 90s power ballad "Something To Believe In"

The second shot in this twofer Thursday is a belated tribute to the recently deceased mighty Ronnie James Dio. RJD was one of the definining front men in Metal, a gnomish devil horn saluting growler. Dio first hit my radar with his arms raised to the sky - like a rainbow! A "Rainbow In The Dark" or as he enunciates it "A Reign-bow! In the Dahrrk!!" In recent years I've dug some of Dio's Sabbath stuff and who wouldn't love Rainbow's "Man On A Silver Mountain"? In final tribute to this icon of Heavy Metal, here's "Rainbow In The Dark".

Hopefully there won't be as much pain and misery in Metal's coming months (but isn't that what Metal's about?) until then it's like a REIGN-BOW!


Jeannie said...

I am just so sad over the death of Ronnie Dio. :(

And I'm very sorry that Bret Michaels has had so much trouble. I hope that his mini-stroke alerted him to a problem before it became much worse.

P.S. Mom gets things so confused. She wanted to know if Bret Michaels was the guy that was caught in the bathroom. I had to tell her it was George Michael. Then she thought that perhaps they were related somehow. Again, I had to explain the difference there. Then she decided that it was Bret Michaels music that she enjoyed, while I insisted it was George Michael. After I said, "Wake me up before you go-go", she replied, "Oh! That's too bad." Silly Mom- ROFL!!!!

Mr. Mike said...

Almost as funny as when Mom insisted she wanted a Boys II Men tape for Christmas when she meant All 4 One :)