Friday, May 14, 2010

You Look Mahvelous...Absolutely Mahvelous!

Remember when Dirk Diggler recorded "You Got The Touch" in Boogie Nights? Almost as funny as this, 'cause this shit is real!

When I was a wee lad Billy Crystal had this funny as hell bit on Saturday Night Live where he was Fernando Lamas celebrating the superficial with his catch phrase "You look mahvelous...absolutely mahvelous." A quarter century later, the joke has become reality on reality tv. Today's post celebrates D level reality tv celebrities celbrating themselves creating instant camp classics in the process.

First up, Real Housewives Of New York star Luann De Lesseps pulls out all the auto tune stops with her song "Money Can't Buy You Class". Or as my wife says "Can't buy you class but can buy you singing lessons." 'Cause Luann sure needs them. But her lack of singing ability makes this track that much better, hearing her stuck up ass talk like a cougared Miss Manners in the verses and then flatly warble thru the chorus punctuated with a robotic exclaim of "My-friends" or "Oh-yeah" is too damn funny. She takes vanity to a whole new level.

Not that De Lesseps is a pioneer in this field, there is the incredibly bad Heidi Montag music video "Higher" from a few years back. Heavily ridiculed and lampooned over the years, this epic fail is the reverse of De Lesseps in it's youthful take on insipid vanity. At least Montag may have had some original moving parts on her body back then, so it can serve as a blueprint when they try to rebuild her a few years from now. I can't say much about this that hasn't been said before somewhere else, but I can haul this relic out one more time!

And now for the model of these reality stars, Billy Crystal's "You Look Marvelous". I so had this 45 back in the day. Is that really worth bragging about?

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