Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Taboo!

While playing that Dawes album Nothing Is Wrong (I looked up the title!) I've been stuck on the 2nd song on it called "If I Wanted Someone". It's a stand out cut not just for the Neil Young guitar meets Jackson Browne chorus alchemy but for it's 70s styled sexism. Like Crosby Stills and Nash's "Triad", that sort of objectification of women under the guise of sensitive peace and free love spirit. While some bands have picked up on the 70s sounds for their indie rock, this is the first one I can remember to deliver a real 70s styled sentiment. It's kinda cool and kinda offensive simultaneously. The chorus goes:

If I wanted someone to clean me up I'd find myself a maid / If I wanted someone to spend my money I wouldn't need to get paid / If I'd wanted someone to understand me I'd have so much more to say / I want you to make the days move easy

"I want you to make the days move easy"? It just puts a picture in my head of some hippie in beat up blue jeans and no shirt with a sleeveless vest asking his "lady" or "mama" to get him a beer and stop being so "heavy" while sponging off her job. And then saying "C'mon baby, loosen up. Don't be such a square." Bitchin!

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