Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Headlight

I'm on a bit of a Wallflowers kick, playing a lot of their music. Although I had a lukewarm initial response to Jakob Dylan's last solo album it's grown to be one of my favorite discs. I actually like his music better than his father's although of course the historical/cultural impact between Jakob and Bob Dylan's music don't really compare. The Wallflower's catchiest song, the 90's monster hit "One Headlight" is in my frequent rotation on the Ipod.

I've mainly known the song for it's loping beat, cool organ blasts and chorus so I decided to look up the lyrics. It's a more morbid song than I expcected, seems to do with dealing with the death of a girl but it's hard to tell if the death is literal or metaphoric. In any case, what I get from the song is the feeling of trying to break free from grief. I Like the line "Man I ain't changed but I know I ain't the same".

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