Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jenny Jenny, Who Can She Turn To?


and a half

Jenny is a 16 year old British bird who's smart as a whip and dreaming of the boho high life in 1961. She's bored by her mundane teenage school life and pressured by her family's expectations for her to attend Oxford. One day standing out in the rain with her cello, Jenny is offered a ride by a flashy wealthy stranger who decides to show her the life she's desired: art, travel, music, etc. But he is mysterious. He has SECRETS. What can they be and will they matter? Will she be seduced by the good life? Questions!

The movie is called An Education. Jenny is winningly portrayed by actress Carey or Casey Mulligan, I can't remember her exact name. Anywhoo she's really good in this movie evoking a strong mix of intellegence, wistful romanticism and naivete'. All acting in this piece is universally strong in a cast that includes Albert Molina and Peter Saarsgaard (I think I misspelled the last name there). Saarsgaard plays the mysterious wealty stranger who takes Jenny into the jet set life style and does an excellent job too.

An Education also has a great sense of period including a comment on the limited opportunities afforded women at the time. While An Education is not an important film of major consequence, it is a well made fully observed study of what could easily have been a Lifetime movie character.

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