Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank You Edge!

This week WWE Superstar Edge officially retired from wrestling due to his injuries sustained in the ring. For as long as I've followed wrestling, Edge has been a part of it. He has progressed in that time from a Tag Team Champion to a World Champion thanks to awesome mic skills, strong work ethic and all around in ring ability. Edge was versatile and pretty much great at everything he did in wrestling. The rare wrestler who could be equally convincing as the noble good guy or the scheming baddie (though most of his career tilted towards the latter) and be over with fans no matter what. I stopped watching wrestling regularly around the time his World Championship and Rated R Superstar gimmick took off. Still, when I did watch I knew Edge could be relied upon to bring a great show. Edge provided unforgettable WWE moments like the mid air spear during Tables Ladders and Chairs, the conchairtos and the stealing of Lita from Matt Hardy. So thank you Edge, thank you for the entertainment.

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