Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Can't Handle R -Truth!

Yesterday wrestler R Truth turned heel (bad guy) and to prove his point (that he's now a bad guy) he smoked a cigarette over his defeated enemy. When I saw this, I thought it was the lamest heel turn I'd ever seen. I get that it's illegal to smoke a cigarette indoors and that it's not healthy and all that, I really do. But is that the mark of a true villian? Does anyone think another person is badass for smoking a cigarette past the 6th grade? What dasdardly deed will R Truth do next, pull those tags off pillows that say it's illegal to remove? Ring a strangers door bell and run away before the door is opened?? Crank call a random phone number and ask if their refrigerator is running??? Yes, watching a wrestler try to inflict damage on another grappler by subjecting him to second hand smoke from a single cigarette was stupidity on an epic level.

And then someone or some anti smoking group (was it The Truth?) bothered to complain about it pushing the event to TMZ worthy status. Whaddya know, the smoking gimmick worked (the...smoking...gun? Haw haw). Proving once again that Vince McMahon is a genius, spinning a wrestling show storyline into a mass media story.

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