Monday, December 22, 2008

Midnight Madness - Wii Edition

It's been a long time since I've actually cranked out a post this late at night, so here it goes! On my Birthday I received a Wii as a gift and it's become a fun way for my wife and I to play sports in the safety of our own home. Tennis, Golf and Bowling have become great past times for us as we play against the endlessly resourceful computer. Of all the game systems I have owned, the Wii is definitely the most active and I can see why that makes it stand out against the technically superior competition. Oh yeah, I also got Super Mario Galaxy which is also a blast. Mario rarely has let me down in the past and he doesn't here, running all crazy over little planets. Wheeeee!

On the Horizon? - U2 is preparing to release their disc No Line On the Horizon in March of '09. Get ready for another year of domination by Bono and the gang, I liked their previous disc and they delayed this album to write more songs so I'm optimistic this could be a really good one.

No More Garnishing Milk Money Allowances - The RIAA is giving up on suing teenagers (and other people) who steal their music into financial oblivion and will focus on working with ISP's to restrict or stop the internet services of their targets.

I Thought The Day Would Never Come - The long rumored Guitar Hero: Metallica game looks like it's going to be real. Wonder if people make tabs of Guitar Hero songs? That would be cool. "No, the chord before the solo is a red-yellow, not a blue-green". I look forward to flailing wildly to "Seek and Destroy" or "Battery"!

Metal Health Will Drive You Mad - An Australian doctor claims Headbanging causes medical problems in the head and neck. I thought this was old news? And somewhere Jason Newsted says "See? I told ya so."

The Curious Case of Jennifer Aniston - The ex-Friend steals some of her ex-husband's thunder by gettin' provocative on the cover of GQ magazine. Easily the best career move in a long time by Aniston as she has gotten a ton of press for this. We'll have to wait and see if this translates into box office Gold for the upcoming Marley & Me. Or will she remain an actress better known for her looks than her talent?

Let's Go Crazy - Prince is starting to show flashes of new material online and on the radio as he works on a new album.

Mamma Mia! - I learned from that a musical based on the music of 80's Power Rock called Rock of Ages is both Broadway and film bound. You've gotta like a musical that manages to include Europe's "The Final Countdown".

No New Doubt - The No Doubt reunion will have a tour but no new album is the latest word.

DVD Mini Reviews:
  • I Am Legend - Will Smith joins the latest film wave of hunting Zombies as he places more or less the last man on Earth surrounded by the hungry malevolent creatures. Decent but not amazing, though Smith remains as charismatic as ever.

  • Definitely, Maybe - Ryan Reynolds and crew come up with an inventive rom com that is sort of like that TV show How I Met Your Mother. A good cast including Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weitz and Abigail Breslin help keep things moving. Not bad if you see it cheap, it's sort of like a TV movie with a film look.

Snikt! - The new trailer for the upcoming Wolverine movie is out. I'm not sure what to make of it, there's a lot that happens in the trailer but nothing really cohesive. I see action and grimacing faces and hey look it's Gambit kinda! But where's the bo staff and trenchcoat, mon chere? (what does "mon chere" mean anyway? He always said that in the comic.)

Wolverine Trailer


pamwax said...

Wii...what a great invention. And I love having you and the wife in my plaza. Now we need Wii speak so we can speak.

Wolverine I am ready for this...he is soooo....OK I will be nice.

Jeannie said...

I promise that I will get you Guitar Hero: Metallica as soon as it comes out.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey, maybe I should start wii'ing? Thomas has one. Maybe I should just take it over?

New U2? Cool!

Hey, I got I Am Legend for myself for a stocking stuffer. Are you saying I'll be sorry? I love Will Smith.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Pamwax! We like to spot you and Neil on our Wii when we play, particularly when bowling. Wii speak sounds cool, I haven't heard of that so I'll have to look it up. Glad to see you're excited about Wolverine!

Hi Bunny, GH Metallica sounds good to me!

Hi SKW! I would recommend Wii'ing, it's made games much more fun. I don't think you'll be sorry for seeing I Am Legend, it's good just not super fantastic. Will Smith is good in it.

Arsenette said...

I haven't played the wii lately but I will :) Just laughing at the absurdity of RIAA.. /sigh.. lemme see.. Metallica.. can we say a bit late jumping on the online/gaming bandwagon? I find it hypocritical :p Hmm.. new Wolverine.. wondering if they are redoing the story entirely.. the Xmen movies have totally f'ed up the timeline it's almost inconceivable what angle they are going to pull on this one LOL Heck I didn't even read the comics but hubby not only has.. he has Wolverine 1-60billion LOL He still thinks that although he plays the part well.. he's like half the size he should be LOL Who's directing this thing?

Mr. Mike said...

Yup, the X Men movies used the comics as a very general guideline though they didn't offend me until the last movie (except for their consistent treatment of Rogue as a cry baby). At the end of X2 it was like "Cool! The Phoenix saga." Then X3 came out and it was like "Why did they do that to the Phoenix saga?"

I stopped reading comics by the time the whole Weapon X origin thing came out so I have no idea what to expect or how it will compare to the source material. After X3, that may be a good thing. I had to look up the director online, it's Gavin Hood who has directed arty stuff like Tsotsi and Rendition but has acted in things like Delta Force Tv movies.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Mr. Mike, we finally got around to watching "I Am Legend". Here's my review, if you want to see it: