Sunday, December 14, 2008

Midnight Madness - 70's Singles Rap Edition

Hey there groovy chick! You are really happening in a far out kind of way. Mama you are one hot number. I need to know...who's behind those Foster Grants, smoking those Virginia Slims soooo foxy. You've come a long way baby. Maybe you would like me to get some Jean Nate for you. For I shall serve no wine until it's time. You got it mama!

My wife and I were having some fun talking about 70's style yesterday so I decided to make that the theme. It's funny how the passage of time can make things seem corny...and I never got how calling a woman "mama" that wasn't your mother was supposed to be cool. But never mind with that, it's time to get down with the hip cats of this week that make up the Midnight Madness. Right On!

Who's the Winner, Bub? - Wolverine's Hugh Jackman will be hosting the upcoming Academy Awards. And if any of the winners speeches go past their alloted time they will get an adamantium claw in their face! Whoa, geeked out a little too much there.

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - the Smoking Gun website uploaded evidence that Van Halen really did specify no Brown M&M's were allowed back stage on tour. Illegal drugs, abundant alcohol and groupies were OK, but no Brown M&M's!

Notorious - 50's model and cult star Bettie Page passed away this week.

Man Vs. Wild - host Bear Grylls was injured in Antarctica recently. I don't watch the show but it is unfortunate that the guy was hurt. Though I do have one question: This means Wild wins, right?

More J*zz in my Pants - Comedian Andy Samberg and his troupe The Lonely Island have a record deal now. Hopefully they will include classics like "Lazy Sunday" on their disc.

Blur Reunites - Woo Hoo! Actually, I've never really followed this band but that's the knee jerk response I have thanks to their hit Song 2.

Appetite for Self Destruction - Axl Rose finally does press, sort of, taking on all comers at a GNR online message board. The reclusive Rose proves he hasn't changed his my-way-or-the-highway approach to everything. Meanwhile, sales for Chinese Democracy continues to drop.

Taradise - America's best known party girl Tara Reid checks into rehab.

Copyplay - Chris Martin responds to plagiarism claims and says he did not copy Joe Satriani for their hit "Viva La Vida".

Wild in the Streets - Jon Bon Jovi promises the next album will have a big rock sound for Bon Jovi. And the band was named 2008's most successful touring act.

Satisfaction - Dartford, Kent is playing up the fact that they are the hometown to the Rolling Stones by naming streets after their songs. My selections? I'm rooting for Sister Morphine Drive, Star Star Ave, Moonlight Mile Kilometer, Beast of Burden Court and Emotional Rescue Street.

Blue Ridge Rangers part 2 - this time it's personal. Not really, John Fogerty has announced plans to record a sequel to his solo album of covers called Blue Ridge Rangers.

Send an Angel - No nod to 70's girls can be complete without Charlie's Angels. I used to stay up past my bedtime to watch this program. Anywhoo, here's the opening credits including Farrah Fawcett when she was still a Majors and her famous hair.

Charlie's Angels Theme


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

That's funny. I sometimes have fun using those old 70's and 80's "sayings". When I do my son looks at me like, "What planet do you come from?". I love to get his knickers in a bind.

Axl Rose is an idiot.

Kate Jackson was my favorite Angel, although I must say, Jaclyne Smith is still "one hot mama". :)

Mr. Mike said...

That sounds like fun, the only time I get to see younger people is at work. Their knowledge of slang only dates back to "Da Bomb".

Jaclyn Smith was my favorite Angel, she seemed classy. Kate Jackson was cool, I even used to watch Scarecrow and Mrs King for a year or two.