Sunday, December 07, 2008

Midnight Madness - Abbott and Costello Edition

Land of Confusion - Abbott and Costello work out the starting lineup in a comedy of errors.

I've been away for a little bit enjoying my Birthday! It's been a great couple of days, hopefully things will continue to go on a positive roll. One of the gifts I got was a Nintendo Wii, so now I'll have even more stuff to blog about. And now, time to go crazy.

Thank You! - Thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes! You helped make this a great Birthday. And thank you to the Bunny!

Shotgun Blues - Axl Rose continues to follow The Tubes old "Completion Backwards Principle" by doing very little press for the release of Chinese Democracy but instead take the time to lash out at Dr Pepper for a botched promotional tie in. We missed you Axl! You remain the rocker whose next hit is usually a literal punch at someone.

Viva La Vida Redux - Coldplay's smash hit continues to be a magnet for plagiarism claims, this time by established guitar god Joe Satriani. Who knew Coldplay's most original sounding song could seem so derivative? What I heard did have some similarities, but I can't help but wonder if the timing of the lawsuit is because of the Grammy noms.

The Day Finally Came - Metallica is free of their record label and is considering the internet for future direct distribution of their music.

Darling Britney - Shades of the movement that started the PMRC, parents are getting upset about Britney Spear's song "If You Seek Amy" which is pronounced "If - U - See - Kay - Me". Where's Tipper Gore when you need her? The song is normal pop junk, but I have a soft spot for mildly offensive entertainment. Besides, April Wine beat Spears to this gimmick over 25 years ago.

It's Stevie Nicks, B*tch - Just seemed natural to follow a Britney Spears comment with this phrase. Fleetwood Mac is planning some touring in 2009.

Cable TV Roundup - What's new on Cable Networks? Let's take a look :
  • Hulk Hogan Celebrity Championship Wrestling - backed by real wrestling folk (Eric Bishoff, Jimmy Hart) this show comes with a bit of pedigree to its D level celebrity reality tv. The program is actually more fun that it has a right to be, watching the likes of Dennis Rodman, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and Dustin Diamond chop and DDT each other is pretty cool. It's on CMT.

  • That Metal Show - Wayne's World was not meant to be taken seriously...or was it? Eddie Trunk and crew gab over what's truly important, such as if Led Zep or Black Sabbath had a greater influence on Hard Rock. A rock geek's paradise on VH1 Classic.

  • Chase - The game show that's meant to be like a video game, it's very reminiscent of the old Schwartzenegger flick The Running Man. Contestants are given a backpack and a maze like environment to run through timed missions while evading Matrix looking people. A big game of Tag with special rules, I actually found this program to be fairly entertaining. It's on Sci Fi Channel (Thank you to Some Kinda Wonderful and her son for the correction, I had listed G4 which became Spike a long time ago and was the wrong channel anyway).

Grammy Awards - The latest Grammy Awards are out and so I thought I would take a look at the Song of the Year nominees:

  • American Boy by Estelle featuring Kanye West - I haven't heard this song until today, it's surprisingly breezy and slightly jazzy (the presence of Kanye West part had me expecting something harsher). A pleasant song that will undoubtedly get co-opted into a clothing commercial some day.

  • Chasing Pavements by Adele - An inventive video does a nice job of enhancing the song. The latest British girl to ride the old school Soul wave, this song does have a nice sweeping hook and strong plaintive vocal.

  • I'm Yours by Jason Mraz - Three songs into these nominated tunes and I think I'm finding a pattern. The Grammy's are all about relaxation this year. This song is Ok, maybe a grower, makes me want to take a tropical vacation. Or eat chicken wings at a sports bar. One of those two things.

  • Love Song by Sara Bareilles - A good piano based jam that got massively overplayed, still like the clever writing angle. And as this has been commercialized already, I think of that computer printer ad everytime I hear this. Still, a good song.

  • Viva La Vida by Coldplay - Or Lawsuit and All Of His Friends, this is my favorite of the songs nominated here. I wish they had expanded on the Apple video instead of this album cover come to life thing they did here. Oh well. One of my favorite songs of this past year.

And one for the road, I just felt like posting this classic Abbott and Costello clip. A & C movies were favorites of mine on weekend tv growing up, here's my favorite comedy bit of theirs, Who's on First. I once tried to memorize it, got nowhere close.

Abbott and Costello "Who's On First?"


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Ah... where to start???

1. Glad you had a superduper Birthday. You deserve it.

2. Axl Rose is an idiot.

3. Coldplay sucks.

4. Rock on Metallica!

5. Enough already. That pop tart is all stale.

6. umhum.

7. I've actually seen two of these three shows. Will have to catch Chase sometime soon.

8. Haven't heard ANY of these tunes. Don't know any of these people or their music except Mraz, whom I like, and Coldplay, whom I don't. And West, of course, but I don't listen to his music, just know his name from the tabloids.

9. Classic tv. Yep, yep. Exactly.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey Mr. Mike, are you sure Chase comes on g4? I looked and I didn't see it. It's not on the Spike line-up, either.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

It's on SciFi Channel, Mr. Mike.

BTW, it sort of reminds me of that episode of I Survived A Japanese Game Show where they sent the contestants out into the city to complete various tasks within a set amount of time. Gonna try to catch it this week and see.

Mr. Mike said...

Chase is on Sci Fi channel? I need to pay more attention to what I'm watching! I can see some similarities between the Japanese Game Show and Chase in the mission part. The first episode I saw was them running through Universal Studios, that was pretty cool seeing people run past the Psycho house or Jaws.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

My son was reading your blog over my shoulder and he says, "it is not on g4, mom. He's wrong." so we went looking for it. I finally had to look it up via the cable box by title. That's how I found it. I would have never thought to look it up on the SciFi channel site. Here it is:

Thomas and I are going to check it out.

Mr. Mike said...

Cool, I'll have to update the post to reflect where it really shows. Hope you enjoy the program. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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