Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Guess It Was Inevitable...

Allison Iraheta goes home sweet home.

Tonight my favorite of the American Idol season, Allison Iraheta, was sent home following the episode I liked the most (naturally), Rock night. I knew she had no shot at winning, but she hung around longer than I thought she would given her Classic Rock leanings. Hung around so long in fact, I thought she would have a chance at the finale. At least she made it to Rock night, while Adam Lambert reigned supreme with a blasting "Whole Lotta Love" Iraheta delivered a strong version of Janis Joplin's "Crybaby" that in terms of quality was way above her other competitors.

Yet Iraheta was never able to fully capture the audience's attention for whatever reason (her off stage persona of acting like a normal 17 year old I guess wasn't interesting enough) . When she cuts an album hopefully it will be in that blues rock style she specializes in and she doesn't get Bo Bice'd into doing generic modern rock for her debut. Anyway, I'll miss her weekly performances, particularly after last night's blazin' Lambert / Iraheta duet on Foghat's "Slow Ride". I don't think I've heard "Slow Ride" done with that much fire since the 70's. So I'll leave off with an audio recording of that version posted on You Tube. Slow Ride! Take It Easy!

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