Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mad World

The Mighty ReArranger

The other night I wrote most of a post about American Idol that had analysis and what not, but I wasn't happy with that so I scrapped it. In modern history, whenever we as a Country vote on anything the results become divisive and hotly contested. So with that being said, my wife showed me a series of You Tube clips about people's shocked reaction to Kris Allen being announced the American Idol which were funny and/or disturbing. On the clip below, this lady is so stunned when the winner is announced that she looks like she just saw the video from those The Ring movies. You know the one where you see the confusing video tape and a few days later you die. She looks like that.

On a final note, I think those guys in Queen should totally offer Adam Lambert a job. Now that they've split with Paul Rodgers the position is open and any guy who can nearly upstage KISS on their own pyrotechnic stage is definitely up to the task.

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