Friday, May 29, 2009

Missed It By That Much

Steve Carrell gets the call to head back to The Office

Last Summer I had high hopes for the Steve Carrell version of the classic TV series Get Smart. I went through a phase as a kid where I watched that show daily, enjoying Don Adams bumbling and snappy catch phrases. "Missed It By That Much", "Would You Believe...", "Sorry about that Chief", Adams had excellent comic timing in delivering his lines stiffly against his physical antics. Carrell was someone I thought could carry that torch as the new Maxwell Smart. Too bad they didn't give him anything to work with.

Get Smart the movie is a doltish exercise in Hollywood filmmaking. The plot is pure assembly line junk with the type of generic jokes and big action you've seen before. And because this is a relaunch / reboot style make over, Smart isn't quite as blind or hamhanded as he was on television. He's semi-competent which reduces the fun. At least Bernie Koppel gets a surprise cameo that's provides a brief jolt of energy.
The supporting cast is fine, Anne Hathaway, The Rock and The Great Khali (an ex-wrestler and current wrestler who share no screen time. Missed opportunity!) all do fine in their roles. Except Hathaway's expert agent has no chemistry with Carrell, making me miss Barbara Feldon's silky purr. The whole movie serves as a reminder to the fact that the TV show was decent comedy by being the opposite. Seeing it on DVD, it suffers in direct comparison to the 60's spy farce by my viewing it in basically the same medium.

Would you believe Get Smart is one of the greatest movies made in the 21st Century? Ok...would you believe it is one of the Top 500 best movies made in the last three years? How about the best movie ever made called Get Smart? Dixie Dog smells a stinker, Get Smart gets a rating of:

and a 1/2

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