Friday, May 01, 2009

Save Chuck!

Chuck flashes on the overnight ratings and sees danger.

Chuck, my favorite television show going right now, is in danger of being cancelled! For the millions that don't know, Chuck is a tv show about a computer tech nerd who is given a visual download of classified government information. As a result, he becomes a virtual computer for top secret government information. After a sluggish creative start to the second half of the second season, my show of shows picked up steam which included great guest stars (Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase and Jordana Brewster) mixed in with their ingenious blend of geek humor, pop culture sense of play and spy game escapism.

A prime example was the season finale where at Chuck's sisters wedding in the church, he encounters evil mastermind Chevy Chase who threatens to kill the sister if he doesn't get the spy computer. To stall, Chuck asks his Seth Green like friend Morgan to cover who in turn recruits his co-workers that play bad karaoke with a keytar. Next thing you know, Chuck's sister's wedding is pre-empted by an over the top version of "Mr Roboto" (which I didn't know was possible in itself) while in a back room Chuck and his feds get in a shoot out with Chevy Chase and his cronies. It's masterfully timed to give the thrill of battle, the absurdity of bad wedding singing and the crushing embarrassment of a Bride's day gone bad all in one slick montage.

Well written with a knack for likable characters, Chuck has been my Monday evening past time for two years now. It is easily the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Watching the earnest yet befuddled Chuck maneuver his way through black bag operations with the support of his will they / won't they undercover spy girl and the Reagan worshipping commando is great fun. That plus memorable friends at the Buy More (read:Best Buy) and a family that includes "Captain Awesome" can't go wrong. Except it can be on the wrong night, since Chuck gets his ass handed to him each Monday by Dancing With The Stars and The Big Bang Theory (another show I like) in the ratings. The word is this Monday will be the day Chuck finds out if his intersect gets permanently unplugged. I hope not, because Monday night TV will get a lot more boring without it. Save Ferris!

Oh, by the way a link to this awesome "Mr. Roboto " montage is found here. Also there's a great recap of the show up to close to the season finale here. While I haven't bought a Subway sandwich on a Monday yet I've bought a lot this year, so maybe that will help get it renewed? (Subway is a sponsor of Chuck).

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