Sunday, July 20, 2008

Midnight Madness - Clone Wars Edition

Begun, the Midnight Madness has. A look at the poster from the upcoming Star Wars.

Shooting at the walls of heartache, Bang Bang - Most of the original lineup of Scandal is reuniting to record music and tour including Mrs. McEnroe herself Patty Smyth. Looking forward to hearing more Warrior-ific jams!

He wants to know what love is - Former Foreigner front man Lou Gramm is releasing a Christian Rock album soon. Gramm's gettin' hot blooded for the big man upstairs.

Mr. Brownstone - Former Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler has been arrested for drugs. He's already O.D.'d before, so this is just sad.

Helplessly Hoping - Crosby Stills and Nash are reportedly going into the studio with Rick Rubin. If anyone can wake Steven Stills up, it's gotta be Rubin. Bring lots of coffee Rubin. LOTS of coffee.

Truth or Dare - Everything in the media right now is Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. Is she hittin' home runs with A-Rod, is she sticking the Shanghai Surprise to Guy Richie, why does her brother write a whole book just to reveal she's stuck on many questions we really don't need an answer to. It's called midlife crisis people! And it's not like she's had a track record for fidelity.

For Those About To Rock - was it predictable to say that? Early word is AC/DC's new disc is set to drop in October.

More money than Bruce Wayne - The Dark Knight has had a huge opening weekend. Something like $155 million. Time to buy stock in Wayne Enterprises.

Brenda's back - Shannen Doherty returns to the zip code that made her famous on the new 90210. No word yet on if Brian Austin Green will come back to do some more of his spectacular 90's rapping. One Stop Carnival! U Can't Touch This!!

It's been One Week - ...and 13 years since anyone's cared about the Barenaked Ladies. One of them got arrested for drugs recently.

Who Are You - William Petersen is said to be ready to leave C.S.I. Apparently, Petersen has never had a conversation with the red headed dude from the other C.S.I. show. What was his name? The guy that was skinny and pasty and always wore dark shades from NYPD Blue. Oh yeah, David Caruso. That's what his name was. Or is.

Is the Force with us? - Hype for the upcoming animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars is starting up which I'm sure I'll find irresistible to watch but am wary of because I usually like my Star Wars with live actors. But the Cartoon Network series wasn't bad so there's hope yet.

Guitar Lord Jeb - one of my favorite blogs has disappeared. Bummer.

Entertainment Weekly - brought my attention to this great clip about the Journey to the Center of the Earth where it's been mashed up with the rock band Journey. Very funny!

Journey with Steve Perry to the Center of the Earth


Cole said...

The HUGE DIFFERENCE between Petersen and Caruso is that Petersen ahs at least some talent while Caruso is/was one HUGE ZERO

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

And he was ugly besides. Oooh, that makes me sound really ugly on the inside, doesn't it? Don't watch much network tv, so... only saw him a few times. He was scary looking. Seriously.
Woohoo! More AC/DC! Can we ever have enough? Angus Young is a true artist - in his own funny way. :) I hope they keep touring and churning them out until Angus has to get a walker to hobble out onto the stage. I respect a man who's a good worker, and those dudes work it, hard.
That is sad about Adler. He truly did have a talent for playing the drums. I loved the original Guns & Roses, before Axl got the bighead and they all just went weird. I miss them in that incarnation.
Great post, Mr. Mike, as usual. I always say that don't I? But your posts always are. Great, that is.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Cole and Some Kinda Wonderful! Good Point! Petersen can act. Caruso...I saw some NYPD Blue back then and didn't see what the big deal was to start with. I love that line in 40 Year Old Virgin where the guy gives the advice "Act like a d*ck and you don't care. Like David Caruso in Jade"-or something to that effect.

Hi Some Kinda Wonderful! The original Guns N Roses was great, I didn't like them as much after the first album and missed Adler's meaty drum work though obviously he had problems that went beyond the band. AC/DC is the greatest live band I've ever seen. Angus Young gets more exercise in 90 minutes than I get all day. And thank you for the compliments, they're always appreciated :)

Redskyy said...

The Dark Knight deserves all the box office records its breaking right now. I can't speak highly enough about the movie.

And I think the Clone Wars is going to turn out great. The fact that Lucasarts swooped up director Genndy Tartakovsky, who worked on the CN mini-series and shows like the Powerpuff Girls is a great sign.

I also couldn't help but chuckle at the trailer mash-up. Not really interested in the movie, but it was amusing.

bmh67wa said...

That new AC/DC CD will only be found at your local friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart stores just like the latest releases from Journey, The Eagles, and Garth Brooks. Of course, various P2P applications will also get a copy of it for you...

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Redskyy! Cool, I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight it looks like it will be the hit of the Summer. Thanks for the background on the Clone Wars, I wasn't sure if George Lucas was going to direct it. It sounds like the director they got has a lot of experience which bodes well. Glad you liked the Journey clip, I don't have a strong interest in seeing the movie either but get a kick out of this parody.

Hi bmh67wa! Of the recent list of bands going to Wal Mart exclusively, AC/DC will be the most interesting to watch business wise because I think they're still tied to Sony. If a major label band scores the kind of numbers Eagles and Journey has seen it could be the last nail in the coffin of physical music stores. Though major labels may not like that Wal Mart is all about keeping the price point low. Not that any of this will stop me from buying it, AC/DC rocks!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

That's because Walmart owns the whole friggin' planet and everyone on it, bmh67wa. Think what a utopia we could all live in if the rebels would just conform. :)

Myself, I intend to do what every long suffering, financially strapped American does and wait for someone to sell it on eBay at a discount and then pick it up.

I keep waiting for the news that Walmart has bought eBay, too. Don't know what I'll do then. :)

Jeb said...

Mr. Mike, I have quit Blogger. Because of all the criticsm I've been getting, I quit. I'll still comment once in a while though. Nice post! And thanks for mentioning me in that! At least somebody misses me!

Redskyy said...

It looks like I have misspoken. Genndy Tartakovsky is actually not involved in the production as he was in the first Clone Wars series, but they did reference his character designs. And it does sound like a direct continuation.

Either way, it should be interesting.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi SKW! Hopefully Wal Mart won't buy Ebay (you were probably joking). If it did happen, you would have to wait forever for a bad parking spot just so some loser can try to get you to sign a petition at the entrance while you shop in crowded aisles with palates of stuff in your way. Having said that, I love Wal Mart! But I understand why other people don't.

Hi Jeb! Bummer about having to quit, feel free to drop by!

Hi Redskyy! Thanks for the update, the advertisements are starting to hit television. Let the Clone Wars begin!