Sunday, July 06, 2008

Midnight Madness - Neil Freakin' Peart edition

Standing in the Limelight - the amazing Neil Peart

In my day when I was a youngin', the drum skills of Neil Peart was the stuff of legend. So roll the bones and let the madness begin-

Big Willie Weekend - Will Smith gets jiggy with it again as Hancock rakes in 66 mil over 4th of July weekend.

Give Me One More Last Chance!- The new ABC obstacle course show Wipeout has been on lately, sort of a cross between MXC and Ninja Warrior from the Spike TV channel. The obstacles are OK, but what's up with the non elimination rule? On this show, if someone fails at an obstacle they get to do it over and over again unless they decide to quit. This is in contrast to the Spike TV shows where once you fail, you're done. Sort of defeats the purpose of an obstacle course if people are babied through it. It's all because no one can handle losing, as my wife would say "You're the last winner".

Abba-eration- The four members of Abba appeared in the same time at the same place in public at one of the European showings of the film Mamma Mia. A rare sight to see, this is the group that famously refused to reunite after being offered a butt load of money to do it. They still say "no" to a reunion.

Horse Trading - She didn't get her horse back, but Kristi Lee Cook did get signed to a record deal this week.

Silver, Blue and Gold - In order to retain the rights to their name, Bad Company is reforming for a one-off show. Yes! After that, Paul Rodgers will return to Queen. Um...Ok.

All The World's A Stage - I was shocked to find a lengthy article in the new Rolling Stone magazine on Rush, it's the first time I can recall this happening...ever? It's a great article and pointed the way to an awesome clip someone made of a CGI Neil Peart drumming through one of my all time favorite Rush songs "YYZ" while on water. While looking up "Subdivisions", You Tube directed me to some interesting takes on the song-

The first link goes to a group of kids online as SASC who play "Subdivisions" with a distinct Latin flair. Next time I go to Chevy's, this is the kind of music I would want to hear!

This second link goes to a guy named Carlos Feijao who appears to play the song by himself with a bank of synthesizers. You can't see his hands in the shot, but it's impressive to listen to.

And the last link is to a Family Guy skit where Neil Peart gets his props-from the Cheetos Cheetah no less!

Now, the moment that maybe someone has been waiting for...the simulation of Neil Peart playing "YYZ"!

CGI Neil Peart on "YYZ"


pamwax said...

Can you think of anyone who could make it through the Wipeout course without falling off.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Pamwax! Good question! I think people have the same chance on Wipeout as they have on the Spike shows of completing the course without falling. Meaning very few people would ever complete the course.

But I haven't directly answered your question, so my final answer is: Chuck Norris and/or Rey Mysterio Jr. Wrestling is fake but Mysterio's agility and athleticism isn't. And Chuck Norris, well, he'll just stare down the course until it begs him for mercy.

Jeb said...

Neil Peart is freakin' awesome! Love this post! Carry on!

Arsenette said...

No elimination?... wow.. I haven't seen the show and now I really won't.. good lord...

P.S. I got invited to see Mama Mia.. it's coming to Philadelphia and I go see it July 27th. It'll be my first time going to see the show.

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks Jeb! Neal Peart rules!

Hi Arsenette! Have fun at the Mamma Mia show, I haven't seen it (I have proven not to be a good audience for stage plays) but everyone I know who has seen it loved it.

Arsenette said...

LOL Mr. Mike are you one of those who snores during the boring parts? or the one that wants to take frequent bathroom breaks to get away from the theater?

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Arsenette! I'm the guy who laughs loudly and inappropriately when I see something I think is funny. We went to see the Nutcracker years ago and the title character was made up entirely in pink. I couldn't stop laughing while girls in tutus danced with the giant pink Nutcracker.

I'm also the guy who saw Les Miserables on stage and was impressed only by the special effects.

I did enjoy seeing Sheena Easton in the Man of La Mancha with Raul Julia though. You haven't heard a true Spanish accent until you've heard it with a Scottish burr. "Noh Dahn Keyotah, you canna do thaat". Great singer though.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

OMG! I'm having trouble getting my mind around that one, Mr. Mike. Aren't scottish accents great, tho? Gotta love em.

Mr. Mike said...

I think Scottish accents are great, sometimes I like to use a really bad Sean Connery imitation just for the fun of it.

Arsenette said...

That's HYSTERICAL Mr. Mike! LOL .. I'm sure hubby would be the one thinking he was in the audience for Rocky Horror during a serious scene... :p

I luuuuuuurved Sheena Easton in the 1980's! I'm laughing over the accent LOL.. I would have loved to hear that!

P.S. Just noticed YYZ.. My hubby ADORES Yes.. I have to show this to him :p

Arsenette said...

I almost got flogged.. "it's RUSH dammit.. RUSH.. but I do like Yes.."

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Arsenette! You can always use the excuse that Yes has had, like 20 different members. I'm a big Yes fan, they've never had the same group of people last longer than two albums in a row. The group has gone on so long now that if they had toured this summer, one of the members was going to be replaced by his son.

Arsenette said...

Hubby says and I quote "As long as you don't change the basist.. it's still YES! Chris Squire is the only member to not be replaced".

So I'm not going to be flogged :)