Sunday, July 27, 2008

Midnight Madness - Siskel and Ebert edition

The founding fathers of modern media criticism.

Mama said knock you out - Actor Christian Bale was arrested in England for verbally assaulting his Mother and sister.

Shine a Light - The Rolling Stones have moved labels from EMI to Universal. Which means nothing to you and me but hey, more money for them!

The Mob Rules - Heaven & Hell aka Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio are starting work on a new album. Yyeesssss.

Big Mac Attack - Lindsey Buckingham is saying Fleetwood Mac will start up again in 2009 but not with Sheryl Crow, who was rumored to possibly join the band. Nicks and Crow had teamed up a few times before, it could have been pretty good.

The Great Pretender - I don't know how long it will last, but a track from the upcoming Pretenders disc Breaking Up the Concrete is available as a free download here . Their website says to come back once a week for another track, not sure if those will be free also or not. It sounds like Chrissie Hynde is returning to her punky roots on the first download which is great!

That's the way love goes - The courts have overturned the FCC fine for the famous "Nipplegate" incident regarding Janet Jackson at the Superbowl a few years back.

Bumblebee where are you! - Transformers and Indy 4 star Shia LeBeouf allegedly caused a car accident while intoxicated.

Thumbs Down - Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper have parted ways with At the Movies. That's a shame, particularly since I thought Roeper was partnering well with Michael Phillips on recent episodes. Though nothing compares to PBS era Siskel and Ebert, the fun was watching those two intellectually eviscerate each other publicly over foreign films nobody went to see. Watching them while growing up made me want to be a film critic, which is probably why I spend my spare time typing this stuff.

Golden Girl - Sadly, Estelle Getty passed away.

Talk Dirty to Me One More Time!!! - Bret Michaels has reportedly broken up with season 2 Rock of Love winner Ambre just in time for another round of reality TV dating.

Fake Movie Trailers - Here's a couple of trailers for movies that don't exist...and with good reason. But fun to watch just the same. The first is for if they made a movie of Tetris by Black20, which is pretty funny. The second is for a Green Lantern movie by sector 1014, it looks as real as a regular movie trailer and was very impressive.


Jeb said...

I love the fake Green Lantern trailer! I can't wait for that Black Sabbath/Dio album!

Redskyy said...

That Green Lantern trailer was really good. He would be one of my next picks for a DC live-action movie, especially given Hal Jordan's history and that of the GL Corps.

As for the "verbal assault" by Christian Bale, it sounds like it was blown out of proportion just because TDK just came out. And I didn't know you could get arrested for verbally assaulting somebody in England...

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Jeb and Redskyy! I was really impressed by the Green Lantern trailer, there were a couple more out there of varying quality but this one looked the best to me. I think a movie of Lantern would be cool if they put the money into it.

I'm really interested in the Sabbath/Dio album, I think they seem inspired by regrouping which is always a good sign. I have Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules but didn't really listen to them until the reunion rolled around.

I agree the Christian Bale thing is blown out of proportion, I just couldn't resist poking fun at it. I mean, if you can get arrested for verbal assault in England then why aren't there more arrests at soccer matches?

Arsenette said...

Oh.. there are a LOT of arrests in soccer games.. it's just we dont' hear about them.. because we don't CARE about futbol :p :D

I didn't like Starship or Jefferson Airplane.. or any in carnation in between.. I just remember hating We built this city partially because I heard it ALL the time.. radio stations would use the part where they DJ pops up to replace it with their own radio station and call letters..

Arsenette said...

Whoops put the starship comment in the wrong blog.. oh you know what I mean :D

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Arsenette! Good point about futbol, it's practically the most popular sport in the world except here. I'm glad someone is arresting those hooligans.

You're right about the radio station popping in their call letters in We Built This City, it was a big deal over here because it was a Bay Area band.