Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Night Videos - Vacation Time!

Vacation! I've gone to the birds.

Well, I'm on vacation for a little while so it's time to celebrate. Because of my age, the word Vacation immediately calls to mind the Go-Go's song. It has for years, it's forever ingrained in me. I like the Go-Go's, but I thought it would be to obvious a pick to be any fun. Another song I thought about was "Couple Days Off" by Huey Lewis, my favorite Huey Lewis song. And then I thought of "I Disappear" by Metallica, because I wanted a modern song.

But then I realized what I really wanted was to celebrate with a funky chicken dance, so I wanted to go back to the Swingin' 70's. First up, Earth Wind and Fire bust out the Funk for "Get Away". Then, to make 70's Horn Band night complete I threw in Chicago (early Chicago when they actually had, ahem, street cred) with "Free". So get up and dance. Or just not but say you did. Or...just not. Either way, I'm on Vacation. Woo Hoo!

Earth, Wind and Fire "Get Away"

Chicago "Free"


Jeannie said...

Woo hoo from me too! I've got you to myself for two whole weeks!! :D

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Enjoy your vacation, Mr. Mike, and you too, Missus Mr. Mike. I can see you two kids now... have a ball you guys.

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks Some Kinda Wonderful!

Mr. Mike said...

I love you Bunny!