Sunday, June 22, 2008

6/21 Midnight Madness McLovin edition

McLovin the Midnight Madness!

I am McLovin! Time to start the Midnight Madness-

Death Proof?- Metallica have named their upcoming album Death Magnetic. The Bay Area Bashers are being produced by Rick Rubin and are talking this up as a return to speed metal. If this is true, prepare to ride the lightning!

Not Wanted?- This dumbass movie starring Angelina Joile and Morgan Freeman keeps advertising every 5 minutes. It seems to involve people shooting guns that fire bullets that can curve around instead of going straight. Like a really bad version of ping pong, you can put english on bullets to spin their direction or even block one bullet with another. The rest of the time, Angelina Joile takes off her clothes and lays on her back at a drop of the hat (she can do it on top of subway cars, out of car windows while in traffic, etc). I'm sure Brad Pitt likes that! I wonder if Morgan Freeman narrates their life in his spare time too. Wouldn't that be cool? He can make taking out the trash sound noble and grand, he's that good. As for the rest of us who have to endure this ridiculous commercial, please stop the pain.

The Rainbow Flag?- Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore is infamous for his temperament and ability to hire and fire people faster than The Donald. It's gotten to the point that there are so many ex-members to Deep Purple and Rainbow that they've decided to form their own band-Purple Rainbow. And I bet the title of this paragraph made you think I was going to comment on Gay Marriage. Psych!

Cold Plagerism?-There is some guy in an indie band claiming Coldplay copied his song for their hit "Viva la Vida". He even supplies a You Tube clip comparing the songs. I'm glad he did, because its convinced me that while Chris Martin copies a lot of people this indie band isn't one of them. There are similarities, but at the same time there are so many people working this Coldplay/Radiohead sound these days that it all mashes up into one song anyways. This indie band comes off as making a desperate ploy for attention.

Cut Out Bin Euphoria?-My wife took me to a nearby Used CD store and let me go crazy. I picked up classics like John Waite Rover's Return and Steel Breeze's first album (I didn't know it was ever printed on CD). Thanks honey!

The Saints Come Marching In?-You know it's a Motley Crue comeback when the manager's been fired and they're trying to get out of contracts (with MTV film division) and the album isn't even out yet. It is streaming at and from the few tracks I heard it sounds promising.

Where's Men At Work?- Journey's new disc is in the Top 10 on Billboard for a second week in a row! The last time this happened, I think Men At Work had two albums in the Top 10. What ever happened to Men At Work?

RIP Stan Winston - The special effects legend passed away this week. His work on Sci Fi classics like Terminator and Alien is the stuff dreams are made of, he will be missed by millions of movie fans.

Happy Tan Jobi Mom! - Happy Tan Jobi Mom!

To close, because I like to share, here's the advertisement for the movie Wanted. I know, I know, you can thank me later.

Wanted Trailer


bmh67wa said...

If I tried dropping my hat around Angelina then she would see my massively receding hairline and laugh hysterically. When her convulsionsof laugter force her to drop on her back... she's mine!!!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Speaking of not/ McLovin /it. Doesn't that new Mickey D's commercial sound just like Hanson's Mmmbop somg? Everytime that stupid commercial came on this weekend I kept thinking I would hear the Hanson song and it would always be the stupid commercial. Ticked me off cause (guilty pleasure #1032) I liked that song.
Not much to say about the Jolie woman. She's too beautiful, in a kind of cartoonish, exaggerated way. Who would have thought her daddy had such good genes? Or was it her mother? And who was her mother, anyway? Anyone famous (that I would know)?

I too wonder whatever happened to Men at Work. I loved that group. Had there cassette. The one with that song Overkill on it. Loved that song. Loved the whole tape, actually. :) The guys voice was so weird and quavery/quivary. I saw him doing an accoustic version of Overkill on VH1 Classics a few years ago. He's the only Man still working, I guess.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

And I obviously either can't spell or can't type. Sorry for cluttering up your marvelous post with poor grammer and spelling. :)

And oh, by the way, tell the Missus Mr. Mike that I said "hi, love you mucho grande".

bmh67wa said...

Men at work are still around!

Mr. Mike said...

Hi BMH! Thanks for the Men at Work update, who knew a band that publicly seemed so wacky could be so bitter? I like your plan to make Angelina Jolie yours, remember she was once married to Billy Bob Thornton so it might just work.

Hi Some Kinda Wonderful! Now that you bring up the McDonalds commercial, I'm starting to crave a Big Mac too. "Mmmmbop" is infectious, it had a youthful almost Motown sound to it that was likeable. And since I like "Rock Me Amadeus" I can't put down anyone else's guilty pleasure unless it's that Wanted advertisement. I looked up Angelina Jolie's mother, she was an actress but does not have many appearances listed in IMDB. You don't worry about spelling and grammer with me, I pretty much live and die by spellcheck. I relayed your message to the misses, she was touched. Oh, I liked your line that "He's the only man still working, I guess". That was funny!

Arsenette said...

LOL I must be one lucky s.o.b... I haven't seen those commercials with Angelina and curving bullets.. that's .. quite a title.. sounds like a porn flick..

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Arsenette! Yes, if you can go through life missing one commercial-this is the one.